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“Love this place for stocking stuffers and foods I can't find in traditional grocery markets. The staff is always friendly and the products are fun and unique.”

4.5Superb96 Reviews

“They are always well stocked and clean and tidy ..I enjoy the Customer inter actions I get from their employees.careing employees and management people friendly handicapped parking close ...good prices .”

4.4Superb95 Reviews

“Best liquor store in town, friendly people that love their job. I will be recommending this shop to all my co workers as well as neighbors. I live in the orchard and this place is affordable and amazing! Love the girl cashier!!”

4.5Superb50 Reviews

“Amazing prices!!! Straight out the door prices, One of the best selections I've seen!!! Always a pleasure & highly recommend supporting a local business!!!”

4.7Superb26 Reviews

“Nice convenient travel to the store write between the houses and department to live in.. Really Really. Nice manager see her every morning instead of going all the way to Conoco I have to walk 3 apartments down and boom. I have cigarettes everyday. Usually see the night gentlemen every night. Really nice and friendly good sense of humor. Always willing to help me find things even if they're not in store something similar. I would go here any day overgoing all the way up to street to find out that they put a sign on the door. Saying that the computers are down everyday at Conoco. And then I used to go there before. I found coronado liquors. I was a regular and had to be asked for my Id daily and if I didn't Have it I Have to go all!!The Way Back Home to get it. I've never had any hassle or anything with going To Coronado liquor, Even if. You're not close. I'd make the drive to Go There It's Worth It!! I give it seven stars if I could.”

4.5Superb46 Reviews

“Though I can't say that they have everything I want all the time, they are a wonderful liquor store with a drive up window! I'll keep on driving through!”

4.5Superb39 Reviews

“Every time I come here the woman behind the counter is so incredibly kind. It is one of the reasons I will keep coming back here. They have a good selection and always a kind word to say. I leave with a smile every time. It doesn’t get better than that.”

4.4Superb44 Reviews

“Super Friendly, Good prices Plus Drive up Window A PlusIf they do not have it ask and she will try to get it in for you..The coldest Beer ... A plus they do require Masks for SafetyThe girl there always has mask and gloves on feel super safe.”

4.4Superb30 Reviews

“Went in today to find a new bottle of bourbon and Tom was not only super knowledgeable but incredibly helpful to the point that I not only purchased his first suggestion but a second special bottle he knew I’d like. Thanks Tom, by far the best service I’ve had so far at any store I’ve been too.”

4.2Good70 Reviews

“It's a liquor store nothing special about the place. Prices are comparable to the area. They are a beer selling store mostly, have a decent selection on domestic beer but if your looking for something a like more than that would recommended going elsewhere. Wine selection the same go elsewhere. Customer service is ok I've had better but if your looking for justv a cold one it's your place . One more thing does have a drive through thats a plus for me anyway.”

4.1Good35 Reviews

“Amazing guys. I'm here on Saturdays, and the guys at the counter are really helpful and good to me. I like their selection of booze and the emphasis on cleanliness. See you on Saturday, guys.”

4Good35 Reviews

“This place is my #1 go to liquor store. They have a great selection and the employee(s) are fantastic and very friendly. My fiance and I have a special liking for Seagrams - which can be hard to find. They're an older brand without much alcohol in them (3.2%). However, the guy we've run into each time remembers that we love them and let us know that they've begun restocking them specifically for us. You can't get that level of kindness and service from just anywhere! Highly recommend Ranch Liquors”

3.9Good33 Reviews

“They saved my life one night! It was late, and I just had arrived in town. My wife needed a li’l boost, so I went there because they listed their hours online, and I could still make it before they closed. I arrived and they appeared to be closed. However, the gentleman let me in so I could get what I needed. When I went to pay, he asked if I had a credit card because he had closed the till. I did not. Only cash… luckily I had exact change! I paid and was on my way. The reason for four stars is because the hours listed did not match the actual store hours. While checking out, I asked why and the gentleman told me it is because they were slow. Regardless of quantity of business, a store should be open the hours they list. Again, that is the reason for four stars. It was a great little shop. Higher than normal prices, but I was willing to pay them given the circumstances.”

3.9Good44 Reviews

“I don't know how anyone can say negative about the staff here or the service. I left my glasses and they were so kind to grab them for me before someone else did and did everything they could to help me locate them. Great people here !”

3.9Good47 Reviews

“I love going to JJs. I've never had a bad experience. Everybody there is really nice. Diana is especially nice every time I go in there she has a smile and she's always so friendly even when I go in after work and it's almost closing.”

3.8Good59 Reviews

“Great liquor store! Very friendly staff who are also very helpful. This liquor store does have a rewards program and also has deals. Great selection and variety of wines, whiskeys, beer, vodka, you name it! They also have mixers and a shelf of snacks too! Definitely worth checking out, you're bound to leave with something!”

3.7Good43 Reviews

“Very great selection. I visited to find one thing, Soju. Not only did they have the popular fruit flavors, they had the originals. Clerk was very helpful and friendly. N”

3.8Good131 Reviews

“I come here quite often as it's next to a place I frequent weekly. They always got everything I need especially the fish section options I love. And also the produce”

3.2Average28 Reviews

“Went here last night and had the best experience. 24 old kid running the shift was very knowledgeable, tried to get me the deal that made the most sense for the number of people I was entertaining, and had a profoundly positive attitude and customer service mentality. Kid should get a raise to be honest.”

3.3Good76 Reviews

“Daveco Liquor Emporium, you've turned my ordinary trips for spirits into full-blown epic quests! The moment I stepped through your doors, I felt like I was entering a boozy wonderland where bottles winked at me and corks popped in harmonious chorus. Your selection is so extensive, I'm convinced you've struck a deal with the alcohol elves. And your staff? They're like spirit sommeliers, guiding me through the world of libations with the expertise of a wine-sipping Gandalf. I'm pretty sure my taste buds are planning a parade in your honor, complete with confetti made of whiskey labels. Daveco, you've earned a place in my heart and liver as the one-stop shop for liquid enchantment!" ???”

3.4Good170 Reviews