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“This is a good collection in a vape product Tyson round 2.0 , raz 9000 puff , Geek bar 15000 puff , Airis best ,Airis megha and also bc 5000 , cali ul8000 puff etc”

4.1 Good19 Reviews

“Good store, and really good staff member working behind the counter. Sold the loyalty program really well! Would have liked a few more pre-packed food options, but still managed to get what I needed for a last minute road lunch”

3.8 Good15 Reviews

“Shout out to Ashley and Amanda. Both went over and above with customer service. Placed an online order, supposed to be delivered by DoorDash and DoorDash dropped the ball.... BIG TIME. Maybe DoorDash should hire more employees like Ashley and Amanda.”

3 Average7 Reviews

“My preferred pharmacy. The staff is kind and helpful as well as willing to answer any and all questions. In addition it is an excellent CVS in general just for picking up a few home necessities in a pinch.”

2.5 Average4 Reviews

“A great CVS location and helpful staff. However, the bathroom isn't usually the cleanest and is out of soap often. If you don't have to pee you'll be fine!”

2.6 Average7 Reviews

“Tuesday night staff especially the manager is amazing! Great customer service and excellent job keeping your store and bathrooms clean. Thank you for your hard work!”

1.9 Poor5 Reviews

“This is just my experience in the store, I have no experience with the pharmacy. The entrance is at a light, so that's nice if you have to turn left to get in. The parking lot is well lit and has lots of room. There's even a bench in front of the store. Inside is clean, a little full for a CVS but everything is where you expect it to be. Extra stars for the employee who checked in from his break and went right to ringing before even putting his uniform shirt back on. I was so happy to have someone help the line move while the other cashier was being bogged down by slow understanding customers. Who needs the formality if it gets me and my fellow customers on our way?”

2.4 Poor21 Reviews

“I just started going to this gas station, the gentleman behind the counter His name is Philip, Philip ALREADY knows me by name, he remembers my EXACT order every time. He is so kind and friendly I catch myself talking to him for a good while! they have the best selection of everything! Philip is the main reason I will literally not go to any other gas station! keep it up guys!Thank you Philip!-Roger Sheak”

2 Poor28 Reviews

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