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“PetroMax has an amazing Deli inside where you can pick up all kinds of fresh meats, grinders, and all sorts of good meals for lunch. The store is very cleanly and the prices aren't too bad for a joint off of the highway.”

4.6 Superb23 Reviews

“Clean place and delicious food. The staff very friendly and polite. The young man who treated me wonderfully.But I didn't like the fact that there was no drink fountain where you could help yourself to a drink, nor do they have hot dogs.Dietary restrictions: They don't have hotdogs or a fountain of drinks.”

4.5 Superb33 Reviews

“I went here to get a car wash. The prices, in my opinion, are a little steep, but it seems to be the going rate in the area. Overall, it's a good wash. This is NOT a no touch wash. In fact, as I sat there through the wash, it was loud from the contact of the brushes and actually shook the car... maybe too aggressive. Having said all that, I'll probably be back.”

3.9 Good24 Reviews

“It's cheap and and effective, the Self-wash stations and vacuums are easy to use, and the drive thru car wash also does a good job. Only issue is the drive-thru stop point is a bit finicky but nothing too inconvenient.”

2.4 Poor51 Reviews

“I've been to a handfull of car washes in the area and this car wash is by far the best hands free around. Today was my first time through I was hoping there was a bay I could do manually for the bed of my truck. Unfortunately there was not. But the hands free did the trick. The facility looks updated, clean, works flawlessly. Where other car washes around jets are clogged, missing or malfunction. I reccomend.”

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