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“Phys-Ed Health Club offer a safe, friendly, and clean environment.. I like the fact that I can join at any time any of their classes like Zumba, Pilates, Spinning, Tabata, Bootcamp, and more...”

4.6 Superb20 Reviews

“Absolutely love LOVE THIS PLACE! The staff are friendly and welcoming! They are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to working out, the machines and questions in general! Sue can really get a group moving! I love that everyone seems to be focused on their own training and you can really get inspired by others! The many services, classes and resources provided are so worth the price! You feel safe and comfortable in a judgement free community which is what you need and have when you become part of the family here.”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“Staying in Danbury, CT for a two week vacation and this gym was the perfect fit for what I needed. Powerlifter approved. Owner was really nice and personable. 24 hr access.”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

“Reading through the reviews I totally understand everyone's frustration. I've been a member for almost about a year and the first couple months were really rough. I felt like management was really unreceptive to any complaints; machines were very out of service and ignored.However, in the last couple months, they've gotten a new manager and the place has really changed for the better, they are new rules and requests about keeping the gym, clean and available for others to use such as a requirement to re-rack weights. Every time I walk in the manager is always listening to customer feedback and trying to improve the gym. I swear it seems like she knows every member and greets everyone with a friendly smile. She is buying new machines and keeping the place up-to-date. I can't wait to see how it keeps improving under her leadership. I know this place may have left a bad taste in your mouth before, but give it a second chance and you won't regret it.”

3.1 Average23 Reviews