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“I took my elderly mother shopping in this Publix. She normally shops in this store with assistance from a friend. I have to say I was very surprised with how friendly the staff was towards her. She rode the cart up each isle and was recognized by each associate. It was a nice feeling to see the associates make her feel so welcome. Awesome job! That is what makes Publix the leader.”

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“I visit this place many times a week.. it’s great! just be careful when exiting the parking lot. It’s a bit tight and I’ve seen several car accidents here.”

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“Very nice Publix store, very clean (as Publix should be). Layout is very different from other Publix in the area...Bakery, Deli, Meats, Frozen are in different locations in the store...don't get lost!”

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“I may have found my new Publix! This store has the "old school" layout that I saw as a child. We arrived on a Sunday morning, and the store was not crowded at all. I love that! The products are easy to find, and the sales are clearly marked. I even scored a BOGO on two bottles of Merlot! The only "issue" we had was there was no one bagging groceries at the check out. I'm sure this is a different situation during peak hours, so no biggie. Also, they have cart returns in the parking lot! This may not sound like a huge deal, but the other stores in the area don't have them, and it's weird just leaving the cart in the grass/on the curb. Overall, my shopping experience truly was a pleasure here. I'll be visiting again to see if it will become my permanent Publix home!”

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“First time at this location. What a beautiful and clean store. The staff was friendly, and while they did have self checkout, they still had plenty of full service lanes open as well. Reminds of why I started shopping at Publix many years ago.”

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“I solely come to this publix though it is out of the way specifically when I need help in the deli. I've never met an employee like Marie L. She is courteous and thoughtful each and every visit. I will continue to come here just for her.”

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“Large and well organized Publix. Clean and well lit. I was amazed by the choices of frozen pizza, they had. You can really pick whatever you want, be it vegan, vegetarian, cheese, meat lovers, thin crust, thick crust, etc. Great check out experience. Nice large parking lot.”

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“I just wanted to give a shout-out to Chelsea in customer service (the return area- not sure what it's called). I had a huge return from that I thought would be easier in person. I was so wrong! I was there for almost 2 hours. There was something wrong with the system. She had to call multiple people and still I had to take some of it to FedEx. I could complain about it, but there's no point. Chelsea tried her hardest to help and was even so nice as to lend me her phone charger as my phone was almost dead because I was there for so long. So I just wanted to say thank you to her. :)”

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“It's a Walmart, what can I say. Two complaints though...The freezer section always looks like a bomb went off, they have to do better in keeping it stocked and in order. There is always a horrible smell by the bakery, they really have to address that.”

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