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“Mostly great, but do find at times they will wrap up bad seafood and sell it. You don’t realize it’s bad till you get home. Manger will replace, but it’s inconvenient for consumer”

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“I love this location. The staff is sooo nice. The woman giving out samples is always so sweet to me. Last time I went, Ms Tee checked me out and she was so nice. She explained to me about this product that I was looking for that was sold out and when it was coming back. And because I was so sad about it, she asked the manager Armando about it and he found one left in the store for me. They always go above and beyond.”

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“Hope I'm about to spell this Young lady's name correct, ANAISE. ?Well, she was the employee who served my wing hot meal. And let me tell you, she exhibited OUTSTANDING & PHENOMENAL Customer Service skills. Genuinely pleasant! ????”

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“Great food, great Value, they have the option of fried rice or fried noodle made at the moment included in the price, just a tip for the cook, and most of what I liked was the cleanliness.”

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“Great place to shop saves a lot on my food bill they have great prices and all things your looking for. I would highly recommend Aldi grocery store they even carry wine and beer I shop here every week saves me hundreds a month. Verses Walmart or Publix or win Dixie they don’t have a hot and cold deli but they have everything you need! Thumbs up ?”

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“A-1 Foods is a small yet accommodating local halal store for all Desi groceries. This store has actually been one of my go-to stores for almost 8 years. They have a wide variety of halal items ranging from snacks to appetizers to meats and vegetables. The meat is always fresh and top quality. They definitely sell the best goat meat in all of Broward County!”

4.2Good56 Reviews

“Got a Philly cheesesteak from this place on my lunch break. The guys that were in the store were friendly and they made an awesome hoagie! I was in and out in 10 minutes... The philly was awesome size for the price. The fries were awesome as well. Will definitely be trying some more food from there, happy they started doing sandwiches!”

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“Nice looking, roomy and clean Publix in Riverside Square on Wiles Road. Since there are not many other large tenants, parking is not an issue.Their chocolate section is really good and I love that you can choose dark chocolates by the percent cacao in makes it easy to choose what you want.There were a lot of people working here, some more diligent than others, but otherwise, it was a good shopping experience.”

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“(Translated by Google) I find everything pleasant environment a first class service very attentive staff(Original)Encuentro de todo ambiente agradable un servicio de primera personal muy atento”

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“Nice big Target store. Went to get some facial tissues and they have many varieties of both their private label brand and Kleenex (and other national brands). Now you can get your tissues extra soft, with or without lotion, etc.The variety they had was nice so I could make the proper price comparison and pick the best value for me.I did not have any issues checking out...easy....”

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“I arrive at this excellent place often because I like the ambiance that is outline this place. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably attentive and well trained. The service is exceptionally fast. Most important, the food they cook is exceptionaly good. I ate there many times and I was always happy. The pay is decent. I highly suggest this restaurant to my friends and family.”

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“Have you ever gone on vacation to some small town or other part of the country and had to grocery shop? That's what this place is like (for me at least). They have different things that Publix doesn't have or that you would never think to buy there. Also, they have a lot of things that look like major brands (packaging color, text font etc) but aren't. Picking these out is kind of fun while you shop. Bring shopping bags and a quarter for the cart if you need it.”

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“I love a brand new spanking Aldi's. This one just opened across from the Coral Square Mall on Atlantic Ave. It is so refreshing to see clean new carts. Remember to bring a quarter to unlock the cart and bring your own bags or you will have to buy theirs or load your groceries into one of the discarded cardboard boxes they leave around. Inside the store the wide aisles are brimming with items to help you save money. I never leave with out the bagged kale, Fit 50 orange juice, citrus green tea, and French roast coffee. My favorite part of shopping Aldi is all of the seasonal items, here today, gone tomorrow. I was hoping to score more of the Barq Root Beer Float frozen treats but they didn't have them along with some of the newer products people have been posting to the Aldi N*** Facebook group.The best feature of the store is the self checkout. I have only ever seen this in the Hollywood store. No more long lines and having your groceries thrown at you in a frantic race to beat the clock. Aldi loves keeping staff bare bones so I don't know why more stores don't have this. It was a welcome sight and I was out in a flash.”

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“Best expresso coffee in town for absolutely marvelous price. If you need a kick for you to keep going... just stop buy this place and order an expresso! It's thick, it's sweet and even the size small you can share with someone... thats how strong it is!”

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“This Publix is our local one and all the people that work there are friendly and we've known a lot of them for more than 10 years. Only reason I'm giving it a four-star, is recently we've realized that the cakes formula and frosting formula have changed in the past couple months. It's no longer Publix cake and Publix icing, it tastes a lot closer to Walmart now ? still love Publix overall! Just wish they'd go back to the old icing and Cake recipe.”

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“Very nice and clean store nicest Walmart I been to got everything I needed didn’t have to go any were else.will make this my regular store for groceries and any thing else that I might need from now on”

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“Clean, well organized, busy Publix supermarket in Coral Springs.I walked in and I loved their large floral display with lots of live orchids and a bunch of beautiful fresh flower bouquets for only $4.The store was very well stocked, every aisle had plenty of items on the shelves and the people working to restock them were very friendly and very polite.A nice place to shop.”

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“employee turnover is kind of hard to understand. but everyone who gets me around here is always friendly. I have been going to this place for 5 years and I already felt obliged to say how excellent and careful they are with fruits and perishable foods. I highly recommend this market.”

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“This location is always busy whenever I've visited! The staff are helpful despite the crowd, and keep the lines moving. I've visited for Amazon return dropoffs (huge benefit!) and for the meal stations. The selection and quality are both amazing on both the hot and cold bar, at a very reasonable price. There is ample parking and the store is large and well organized.”

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“We have visited just about every Publix in the area of North Broward, and this store is above the others. The store is kept clean, well stocked, and employees appear to care and want to help.The Friday evening shopping for a family of four is as pleasure here. Perhaps the pricing is slightly higher than other stores, and we try to keep to BOGOS and staples. The layout is good and cashiers move fast overall. Only challenge might be baggers as some visits we have to bag ourselves or cashier has to do the additional work. Bakery items look good and fresh overall. Deli and Produce also appear to be stocked and updated.”

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“My second favorite Publix in the area. I like the fact they always have my favorite soup in stock whenever I visit. I highly recommend Publix for all your shopping needs.”

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“This DG is very convenient for me to shop at. The staff is friendly and helpful and some don't take any guff from obnoxiously rude customers. The place is kept tidy and clean so it's easy to find stuff. Understaffed at times so checking out can sometimes take a few minutes more than normal, but that's okay b/c if I was in any kind of a hurry, I should've gotten out of bed 15 minutes earlier that day. This store sells a little bit of everything PLUS it has Top Ramen 5pack for a buck. Other Dollar General's in the area don't compare. 5 ☆'s”

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“We have been using this Publix Pharmacy since they opened the Pharmacy. Melissa and Melody are superior pharmacists who get to know their customers. When I need a vaccination, this is the only place I trust completely. They are extremely responsive when a prescription is called in by my medical providers. They know what they are dispensing and are easy to talk to and answer questions so that we can understand. Sometimes they can be busy, but they always come through.”

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“Wow! After having a doozy in Pompano Beach's Walmart, I decided to come back to the original store on my free time. Needless to say, a complete 180 degree difference. Not only were there more people to assist me (worst case scenario) but without even needing me to go on, they basically said, "I can take care of that." And that's all, no excuses didn't even have to explain. They looked at the receipt, made no excuse as to why they could not help me, checked the problem, refunded my money because there was definitely a problem they were able to resolve no issues. I would definitely recommend coming and talking to customer service for any reason, wether it's just simple help or need for any resolution, they are here, more than happy to help. This Walmart is located in Parkland, right by the Sawgrass exit/entrance off of Coral Ridge and Holmberg. Nice plaza, Bank of America next door for convenience, and a subway located within them. Little bit of everything in case you need to make a stop. Let me just throw this out there and point out that not every department may be helpful but when it comes to issues, try up front because they just may be able to solve them. Best of luck, and take care!”

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“Best publix in coral spring. Always fully stock . Love working there. Nice, caring managers. Im so lucky to be working with caring loving manager .Also fun to work at.”

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“Last time I visited this particular BJ's club I had decided to get some fruit. Their produce department is large and well stocked. If you come here, you know you are going to get bags of potatoes, apples, etc.. Very seldom you will find an individual purchase, maybe pineapples are the only exception.But if you know what to expect, you will not be disappointed.”

3.3Good53 Reviews

“The whole store has self checkout. It's unbelievable. The machines are stupid sometimes. The cashiers never made mistakes ringing up, but when I do it the stupid machine stops me for no reason. The store is clean and organized though. I just don't always want to use self checkout.”

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“Very busy store. It's small, but always has things well stocked. I don't actually shop here, I just use it like a convenience store if I need a health item or some missing ingredient for something I'm baking, like food coloring, which they had. They only have self checkouts, which are always lined up with people, so I usually take my 1 item to the pharmacy or customer service if there are no lines there. I'd give them 5 stars if they'd have at least 1 cashier running an express lane.”

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“I am very pleased with this Walmart. I am a medical manager and I want to express my gratitude to your employee CECIL in Veg/fruits dept. He is very pleasant. Helpful and caring for all the customers. He always has a smile and helps us in our needs. I know people tend to give Bad reviews but I am giving you a great review on Mr. Cecil. He is a very good presentation of your company. We should have many more employees like him in all Walmart’s… pls let him know how much he is truly respected and love . Sincerely, Eva”

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“I have a good and trustworthy account manager that allows me to withdraw my profits anytime I want and I can monitor everything going on in my account when she is busy trading with her expert team and I don't have issues with pending withdrawals. I must admit that she's a very honest woman. I have no way of thanking her than letting people know about her services and recommending her for everyone to trade on her platform. She's 100% accurate and up-to-date. Kindly contact Mrs. Sandra Billy fx: Email:[email protected] WhatsApp:+1 (404) 829-4578”

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