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  • "BEWAREEEEEEEE! My husband and I went in to get myself earrings on our anniversary. Went in, looked, liked the design & payed. As simple as that. When I got home I was curious to know how many carats were in them because when I got to thinking the show room lady didn't say AND ALSO MY RECEIPT WASNT IN THE BAG. I knew my husband spent around $800 .. so I went on KAYS WEBSITE AND FOUND the same exact earrings for $399 1/4 carat! Now, they did have a 1/2 carat as well (online), but even though the earrings I got looked different from the 1/2 carat I gave the Kay store the Benefit of the doubt! Called a different Kay location (they looked up that stores sales) the next day to find out my husband paid the same amount for a 1/4 carat diamond earrings as the 1/2 carat diamond earrings! I'm livid! How dare you as a store take advantage of people! Please please go to a different Kay's because clearly this store takes advantage of people! You'll be glad to also know I brought the 1/4 carat diamond earrings back I hope they work on Commission!"
  • "The asst mgr Abdallah gave me the "sale" price when I was in the store and I decided to wait to buy the ring. I called him to make sure he'd be there if I came back in and he dropped the price even more so I decided to go buy the ring. When I got there, he raised the price back up and said the price of the ring went up so I'll have to pay the higher price. As this was no cheap ring, I was disappointed and decided not to buy it at all. I will go elsewhere from now on as I am hearing this is common practice at Kay's and Abdallah."
  • "really great experience"

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