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  • "I have not seen to many in South Florida. It is one of your better fast foods restaurants. Great chicken sandwiches."
  • "First experience eating at Krystal I've never had it before and it was the absolute worst experience. At the drive the through the cashier got very upset because she said she couldn't here me then switched out to another person who had to redo my order. The guy who took it just said pull forward without repeating the order or telling me the price. When I get to the upset female cashier was there and speaks extremely improper saying "you ordered the sausage bowl" I said yes she charged me and I waited for a few minutes.. She comes back to the window and says very improperly "you ordered French toast sticks? " I said yes, she says "I didn't charge you for that then when she took my car made me pull to the side before I got my card back(I was the only person even at the drive through the whole time) , which I waited even longer. When she came outside finally to hand me the food she says"here you go " while walking up then just walks back inside quickly before I got the chance to check my bag. Never once did I receive a smile, greeting, or have a nice day the entire encounter. Never once did the cashier use whole words. By the time I ate my food it wasn't even enjoyable because if how rude thready was to me. I remained nice at the time and just went home once I got the food. Now that I'm home I'm still upset about it and wish I would have said something. That was my first and last time ever eating Krystal."
  • "I've been going here since I was a kid. Definitely not healthy for you but it reminds me of home. So I love it. "
  • "I love this this place.. Food always. And they ALWAYS. GET MY ORDER RIGHT. And the employees. Are always polite and best of all the bathroom are clean."
  • "As a former employee of this location, I beg you not to consume anything from here. I was compelled to write this review due to the simple fact that this place is disgusting. It is beyond dirty, inside and out, it violates so many health codes on a day-to-day basis, and it has probably some of the worst management I have ever seen in my life. (Nothing against them as people) so everything is extremely disorganized, just to name a few things. Let me start off by saying this job has not fired me, nor done anything wrong for me to talk down on it. I am honestly writing a review to express with everyone how filthy and disgusting this place is. Let's begin with the wonderful Krystal burger. I have witnessed not just one, but many MANY workers get burgers from off the grill to serve to the public with the exact same spatula that they flipped raw burgers with. The cheese and condiments are not refrigetated, nor are they discarded when they start to go bad. The "chiks" are also made with un refrigerated condiments... basically everything is. I don't even trust the shakes, because the milkshake spindle (the thing used to "hand-spin" the milkshakes) is NEVER clean. It's always got shake residue from the previous shake, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, now it's getting dipped into yours and mixed around. The koolaid slushes and caramel mocha frosts also are prepaired in unwashed equipment. I wouldn't even order a drink, employees put their whole entire arm in the ice bucket to fix the drink instead of using the ice scooper. Last but not least, the horrible things I have witnessed working here. I have witnessed people handle food without gloves and also this one time a girl picked up a piece of food off the floor like nothing happened and served it. The store is extremely understaffed at night, please stay far away. I watched employees handle raw meat and then without having a chance to wash their hands, go handle cash and pass out food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope corporate sees this review and steps in for the health and well being of our community."

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