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“Shopping anywhere else truly is a let down. Whether it's slight or an "Oh my gosh, I need out of here and into a Publix immediately" moment, the subtleties of the cleanliness alone makes shopping a pleasure!! Not to mention, the professionalism, helpful associates and integrity of the department managers!! I have loyalty shopped Publix forever because they do not disappoint, including, if something does go wrong, they make it right! Pure joy ”

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“Love coming here the meat selections are great for big parties and get togethers, the staff is always nice and they have such a big selection of vegetables rice Spanish food and even seasonings”

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“They have one heck of burrito that is huge have to find anything you want there and if not he'll ask you if there's something you want that you don't see in him like that or she'll make it for you if you can understand them they can understand you you're goodVegetarian options: I have to do is ask what you wantParking: There is plenty locations to park there playing spotsKid-friendliness: Kids enjoy going in thereWheelchair accessibility: Yes accessible easily”

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“Aldi's has the best cheese selection and fish selection of just about any place we've been shopping at. Some of the other foods they might be hit or miss depending on when you come in and what they have. But, for cheese and fish - salmon in particular- they get the top notch position.”

4.3 Superb47 Reviews

“This is a fantastic Publix. They are so accommodating and nice.! I always get rain checks or get everything that I need if there out ! ! All the managers are very pleasant knowledgeable thank you john the manager of the store for helping me today. I appreciate you and all of your staff. Love the bogos”

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“This Winn-Dixie on Plant City is a good store to shop at. The gentleman back at the seafood counter made shopping here very pleasurable on Christmas Eve Day. It's hard to beat a clean store with friendly staff. Keep up the good work, Winn-Dixie!”

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“What a hidden gem!! I had to pick up WIC for my granddaughter since my daughter was sick. I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be getting. The ladies were so nice. They really took care of me and made me feel at ease. If you get WIC, you definitely should check this place out!!”

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“A nice little store out of the way. friendly people that run it. stop and get your soda, candy bar. whatever you would like it's not a gas station. just a nice little store.”

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“I don't live in Florida but I have visited stores in this state in several cities and I am looking for Mexican stores. The best I have visited in many aspects. Customer service, variety of prepared food and good portions and very stocked, clean and organized store. Thank you :)”

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“Store is expanding with lots of fresh veggies & bargains. Fresh watermelons, tomatoes, potatoes, onions. They are expanding the coolers & moving lots of things around.”

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“We decided to come here after our visit Parkesdale Market. It was a little confusing at first, but once you decide what to order, you go inside the store and pay there. We loved the papusa, tostones and sweet plantains. The service was wonderful. They really went out of their way to explain the items on the menu and to make us feel comfortable.”

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“We went to this market, and was perfect! Great Mexican product, like tortillas( wich they were warm, and ready to eat!), and meats. We got carne Al pastor, the tortillas and the fresh vegetables to make the salsa Verde. I have been to different places and the veggies were turning bad but here they were good, clean and fully stoked. So I highly recommend this little market but full of great product!”

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“Clean, but I feel like all local Dollar General's are struggling to keep enough workers per shift. I had to go to 3 today to get one bag of cat liter (store brand).”

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“They must pay their employees more money than other dollar tree stores pay their employees, because the store was neat, clean, and organized. There were multiple cash registers open. All the employees appeared to be happy to be there and seemed to genuinely be interested in the shopping experience of all patrons.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“The Mexican food at this place is on point! The customer service is outstanding excellent! This is my favorite convenience store that I have ever been to in my life!! Everything is reasonably priced and stocked! I will always come here and this would be a store that I will always remember for their food and their customer service!”

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“The store is well located, the products are good, cheap and very accessible to the consumer, one observation is that you bring your own bags to store your products, they sell them there although they are not expensive.”

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“Nice little family owned convenience store.Been stopping by this store off and on for the past 40 years. Prices are reasonable for the convenience. Lots of products to choose from and the owners keep a watch on the expiration dates.”

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“I went into Dollar General to pick up some DG Sinus Severe nose spray. This spray works really well for me. I world recommend this spray if your breathing is stopped up.”

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“I went there for some distilled water 4/11/23 and the employees were very helpful. And of course with that kind of customer courtesy I purchased more items , thanks you dollar general employees keep up the great work ..”

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“This new store is so nice and so clean !! I went in with a list to accomplish . The manager Sarina asked if I was finding everything ok . I asked about a couple items and she seen my list . She stopped what she was doing and showed me where all 8 items I was searching for were . I do believe I have found my new favorite go to store . Thank you for being home town awesome !!!”

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“All the basic needs... just gotta find em amongst the mess while dodging the two employees that work there and that leave all of their projects in the way; carts full of trash, flats full of boxes/ merchandise, etc...”

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“Appt. Was set for 1 a.m. Monday, but i arrived here at 6 p.m. Sunday, they took me took about an hour for unloading... only issue is the wait time for BOL.. they have 4 spots for overnight parking”

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