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“If you are looking for a great gym come and check Suncoast out. Hunter, his wife and the staff make you feel like family. Everyone motivates each other to reach their fitness goals. Come and be part of the Suncoast family where you truly feel blessed and bold.”

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5 - 10AM 12 - 1:30PM 3 - 8PM

4400 34th St N Unit K
CrossFit StPete Gyms

“Been going to CFSP for 2.5 years now and it’s become a second home with the community and friends I’ve made. Everyone is so welcoming and interactive. The coaching staff is amazing and take their time with the members, providing support and movement education. It’s organized and full of great condition equipment. We love as a community to do things outside of the gym and show support to one another.Highly recommend dropping in if looking for a new gym home or in town visiting ?”

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“It has been a very long time since I've actually seen the physical in my body but since attending Sweat St Pete, I see it and love it. The team here is top shelf and the community they help build is amazing.”

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“I recently started working with Dr. Britt Smith/Physical Therapist at this location. She has been so encouraging and is helping me gain strenth and confidence in what my body can do and how I can heal it. I would highly recommend her!!”

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“I went by Burg Crossfit North to see a friend who works out there, I was impressed by the gym and the flow of the exercises workout that we're going on while I visited, spoke to a staff member and got the logistics of the workout and the pricing schedule will definitely be checking back into it as I decide what my workout regiment will be”

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5:30 - 8:30AM 12 - 1PM 4 - 8PM

1901 3rd Ave S
CrossFit 727 Gyms

“A friend of mine brought me to a couple classes here at CrossFit 727. One great thing they have here is 3 free classes as a guest before you start paying! This allowed me to try CrossFit out without the commitment of paying and signing up. Though CrossFit isn't my favorite way of exercising, I only have good things to say about this gym. The trainer I had, Ryan, encouraged me to work harder but without sacrificing form in the process. You definitely get a good solid hour workout in that gets your heart rate up. I felt exhausted but accomplished after the classes!”

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“I just moved into the area, and I was looking for a gym with serious equipment. The owner Morgan was very nice and welcoming and went out of his way to make sure that I would accommodated in his facility. I am very grateful to be part of the community here at Barbell Barbell!”

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“This gym is something special and the best in the St. Petersburg area! The coaches go above and beyond by showing you the skills/workouts first and helping individuals with injuries find alternatives! Every single coach is dedicated to their clients and participants in the class. I’ll like to shout out Courtney for helping me get back into fitness and Mallory for helping me understand nutrition and that it’s okay to eat and also Brett for bringing the energy! If you want a small or even a big change in your fitness or nutrition, I highly recommend elevate!”

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“I am so extremely proud to be a member of OGF. I’ve NEVER enjoyed exercising in any capacity. I would work out here and there but nothing would ever stick. I HATED exercising. Fast forward to when I became a member of OGF. It’s my absolute favorite part of every day. From the moment you walk in to when you leave, you are greeted with smiles, high fives and encouragement- not only from the coaches but from the members, too. The coaches are just incredible and know everyone by name. And I mean everyone. They are knowledgeable, uplifting, positive, and genuinely want you to be your best. It’s a beautiful community and I would recommended it 1000x over.”

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“It was a very good experience. I wanted to try the new Tread 50, it was a great workout and Brady did an awesome job managing the floor and treadmill to keep on the same time frame.”

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“The programming is excellent and always keeps me on my toes, ranging from the big basics to pre-hab assistance exercises. The atmosphere is even better, and really this is why you should check it out.”

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“Started training with Jim Smith at Titan Trainers in DTSP this past Spring. Not only have I gotten much stronger, burning an average of 700 calories during each 60 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) session, my blood pressure and cholesterol have also gone down!!! If you are prepared to work hard with a positive, knowledgeable, experienced (and also really ripped) trainer helping you reach your strength training and fitness goals, then look no further than Titan Trainers!!! ??‍♀️??”

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“This place rocks nothing beats old school machines and weights. And the disinfectant wipes they have to clean the machines are much nicer than the spray bottles most gyms supply. I love this gym. Recommending it to everyone I know”

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“I have been to countless gyms all over Florida and not many can compare to Epic. The equipment they have is very well maintained and they have lots of advanced equipment that no other gyms have. On top of that it’s a 24 hour gym that you can train anytime in!Unlike other gyms where their members don’t respect with their weights thrown all over the place, this gym is very well maintained and the average member here is very courteous.I plan on bringing my 15yo son here myself for training very soon!”

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“Not a lot of machines or doubles of any besides the treadmills,bikes, and ellipticals. It is quiet, clean, and it gets the job done. Has a few cable systems,free weights, and unit with pull-up bars, TRX suspension trainers, heavy bag, and more. If you take it as it is, it’s not too shabby!”

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“I love this fitness center. It’s not too crowded and pretty spacious. They have a room with lots of interesting cross-fit style equipment, a weight room with 2 squat racks, free weights, a smith machine, and a separate yoga studio.”

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“I’ve been a member at the Youfit located on 9th Ave N, St Petersburg going on a year now! It has been the best decision that I’ve made in my life to be honest!My body tenses up a lot due to my lack of reaction towards my burdens. I used to have to visit a chiropractor twice a month just to feel some comfort. It felt as if I wasn’t in control of my joints. My body was leading itself, and my mind and feet were just dragging behind.YouFit has become a place where I can go to in order to release my anger/rage without being judged. I can let loose and clear my mind.It has become my therapy, my peace…as well as my second home.The staff is awesome! I’m slowly warming up though.Management is very prompt, when it comes to handling membership related inquiries. They’re opened to assist, to give suggestions, to spot, and tend to any equipment related needs! Plus, their trainers are the best!Let’s not forget, they keep that place along with the equipments sanitized and cleaned!”

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“This Gym is small but has everything one could need. My favorite and most helpful employee is Steve. Always puts a smile on the clients faces and is always encouraging those around him. Can’t think of a better Gyms manager in my time training (12 years) - if you want good people and not an overcrowded madhouse then this Amped is the place.”

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“Been with them for years, it's never overcrowded, personnel is always helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Equipment is nearly never out of use; all and all happy gym member hereKeep on the good work guys! ?”

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“I'm so happy I have this LA location 2 minutes away from my new office in St. Pete. i love the layout and SHAE, ROSE AND ALEX are amazing! The first time I walked in - I was greeted by beautiful (inside and out ) Shae - who explained to me hours of operation/classes/amenities. I've been going now, for about 2 weeks and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend this location.”

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