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“This is an amazing spot. It has been my go too for a few years since I've moved to the area. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Can not recommend enough”

4.9 Superb72 Reviews

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic wine store that left a lasting impression.The store's selection was extensive, catering to all tastes and budgets.What truly set this store apart was its elegant layout, making it easy to browse and discover new wines.They offer regular tastings and events to further enhance the wine shopping experience.Whether you're a novice or a seasoned wine connoisseur, this store had something for everyone.In summary, Rise and Wine impressed me and my husband and we highly recommend this lovely store ?”

5 Superb34 Reviews

“This is a great shop with an extensive natural wine selection. The wine tasting events are well done and a fun way to try out some new wines. I try to stop in every time I'm in town to stock up on natural wine for my visit. The service is excellent as well!”

4.9 Superb39 Reviews

“The perfect place to stop for your wine purchase. Knowledgeable staff, and a wide variety of wines and even some craft beers. Plus accessories to complete the wine experience. Also, the wine tastings are a real treat.”

5 Superb26 Reviews

“Easily the best store in Alpharetta! Andy the store owner and his staff are great people. Big selection with good pricing. If you're a whiskey fan, they have a great and unique selection of store picks!”

5 Superb26 Reviews

“This place is in a very cute little district of Alpharetta. Lots of cute stores and a little park across the street. The staff was super friendly and super pleasant and super helpful. The food was awesome.”

4.7 Superb170 Reviews

“The staff at beverage depot has helpful recommendations and friendly staff. They have a large craft beer and wine selection. They have been in business for many years and we enjoy supporting a local small business.”

4.7 Superb72 Reviews

“From the moment I entered, I was warmly greeted from the staff. My friend and I immediately gravitated toward the tasting room and got a couple flights, which were absolutely amazing! Allison was quick to help us out and explain the different flights, she knew exactly what we wanted and did not disappoint!Highly recommend for folks who want to try fun and interesting wines, especially the orange wine.”

4.9 Superb15 Reviews

“EXCELLENT. Amazingly friendly, super helpful people. The store is clean, well organized and very nicely stocked. An impromptu stop on a family trip that will now be our go-to shop on the way to our cabin! Could not have been more pleased.”

4.6 Superb79 Reviews

“I have been going to this local package store for 10 years - I have never had a bad experience and the folks who are there are always pleasant and helpful. They service the locals, and carry what we buy - and I love them for it.”

4.7 Superb21 Reviews

“This is my go to source for adult beverages. The owner has an interesting bio- he was a child growing up in Viet Nam during that war. His dad worked for/with the USA. When it all fell, his dad gave him some papers verifying his USA ties and told him to escape to Laos. He did that, and with the papers was able to immigrate to the US. Great story, and he's super nice and helpful at his store. I've seen a few negative reviews, but I notice they are from locations nowhere near Alpharetta. Must be some kind of mistake because the local reviews are positive.”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“This wine store is great! The people who work there are the biggest and most considerate people ever. I always stock up on my wines and high noons and after check out they always help me carry all the boxes all the way to my car. If there is something you're looking at and it is low on stock they will immediately go to the back and check if there's more or a different flavor of you want it. They have complimentary wine tasting as well which I will need to do next time!”

4.6 Superb21 Reviews

“Moving from the 6th burrow of New York, otherwise known as South Florida, almost a decade ago, finding even a semi-decent pizza place was impossible. We stumbled upon Joes recently and it is like a breath of fresh air. We live in Cherokee county and travel to pick up here. My only complaint is that they’re so far from us. :( 10/10 recommend.”

4.5 Superb87 Reviews

“Mike went out of his way to help me figure out if a brand was selling a limited edition flavor this year. He called me back once he spoke to his distributers and was super helpful! Outstanding customer service!”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“Saw a google review that was complimentary and thought I would give Sam"s a try. I was on a Bourbon hunt that day, looking for 3 items... Blanton's, Stagg, and/or EH Taylor. I needed some tequilla for my bar, grabbed a 750... Moved over to the Single Mat's and found an Islay I hadn't tasted yet, so I grabbed one. The Non-Allocated selection was above average and I was impressed by the selection and felt that the prices were quite fair. Spent a few minutes chatting with Evelyn and talked of Whiskey and Whisky. Evelyn is not a fan of the Juice and finds the hunt confusing. She said that they had no unreserved allocated bottles, but was able to locate a reserved bottle of Blanton's that hadn't been purchased and after speaking with Sam, I was able to purchase it. Fair Price, for a good Whiskey...above msrp certainly, but a fair price considering limited availability. Would love to meet Sam and talk whisky and whiskey too. Really liking the direction that the American Single Malts are going recently and I bet that he has some good input as well. Evelyn was very helpful to all of the customers that come into the store, not just point and waving. She truly sets a high customer service standard! I recommend Sam's Liquors and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Evelyn!”

4.4 Superb9 Reviews

“Just opened but a nice selection of liquor. One of only two liquor stores where I've seen Appleton 15. Still stocking the shelves I'm sure so quantities are a little light you only need one bottle if each right! Very friendly staff. Excellent location being next to a grocery store.”

3.8 Good6 Reviews

“Total Wine is TOPS! They have the biggest selection of wine, beer, liquor, NA’s and more :) Prices are competitive and their staff always eager to help. This location is massive and so sometimes a little help is needed to find that special label. I love the layout and and even though it’s a big place, every aisle is very cozy. PLEASE ? OPEN ACROSS THE RIVER IN GWINNETT ?? And ?it’s worth a 30, even 45 minute drive if you don’t have one close (I had to drive 35 minutes today but sooo worth it). Cheers!!”

4.2 Good241 Reviews

“My go to local beverage store. Wide variety of options for spirits and wine. They even have international beer and spirit options. Would highly recommend this place for your beverage options.”

3.3 Good13 Reviews

“Owners very nice people, hardworking, of Ukrainian descent. Wide range of products, especially good Polish vodka (hard to find). Gave extra effort with delivered order. Do show your drivers license for delivery payment guarantee by third party, Drizly.”

3.4 Good17 Reviews

“Best liquors store I have ever been to. The selection is insanely large. They have almost anything you could want. Prices are the best on everything. We will definitely be stocking up here next time.”

3.9 Good52 Reviews

“I see the comments of how rude the older man that seems to run this store is. Thank GOODNESS l haven't had this experience! Not yet anyway. He was extremely helpful and very nice and l went back and fourth switching stuff changing my mind! Even l thought he would become annoyed but he didn't. Then again l was the only customer at the time..Yes the prices are higher in this area depending on what you want yet l caught some great sales recently on really nice gift sets of Baileys, Crown Royale and Amaretto Disano. He Thanked me repeatedly for my business and told me to come back and shop again.”

3.4 Good43 Reviews

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