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“This place is great for specialty bones , treats and cat/dog food.We ended up buying a few dog biscuits , bones and some cans of wet cat food to tryout . You can bring your dog (leashed ) inside.They even have the cutest professional greeter (Gia) behind the counter.Definitely check them out!”

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“Had a wonder 1st time grooming experience for my puppy. The process was seamless, shop was very clean.They really made his 1st groom special. Can’t wait to go back for my puppy’s next groom.”

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“Hugh and his veterinary team have done an excellent job of caring for the health and well being of my Pets for over 15 years. I recently had to put down one of my dogs, and they exhibited kindness and understanding in this very trying event.”

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“I've been ordering from this company since August of last year for my new rescue cat. I've never fed a raw diet to a pet before so I was nervous about the transition and the long term usage of it. From the start my cat, Pigeon (black and white cat), has absolutely loved this food! The chicken is her favorite as well as the goat milk. She gets excited for every mealtime and it was easy to wean her off of free grazing. Her fur is fluffier and softer, her stool is small and odorless and she's active! My sister's cat (black cat) recently started losing hair due to allergies, so I thought since my cat is doing well on it maybe my sister's cat could try it. It was the right choice as her fur started growing back within weeks and her appetite was much better! Her fur is now completely full again and she's doing a lot better. I definitely love this brand for my cats!”

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“I've never experienced a store like this before for my pets. I did a doodle rescue with allergies and they were incredibly awesome in making a gift basket for rescues and adoptions only people. And it was specified for my dog with allergies. I've never seen so many different holistic health supplements and varieties of actual quality types and varieties (kibble, raw, loaf, frozen dept toppers, etc.) All kinds of food. The toys and leashes and other things are cool too. Very stylish. It's like a health food store for your pet where people actually are heart-centered and care. They helped me and my rescue when we needed help. I would give them 10 out of five stars. That's how much I like this place!”

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“I had an incredible experience at this location. We walked in not knowing anything about the brand or the company and were greeted by extremely knowledgable staff. Amy looked up the ingredients in the food I'm currently feeding my animals and provided an alternative to address some concerns I've been having, taking the time to walk through the entire ingredient list and educating me on what each one was and how it would impact my dogs. She was quick but thorough and the most knowledgable person on canine nutrition I have ever met. We ended up purchasing a large bag of food, several bags of treats, a new toy or two, and a mat for our back door. At the end of our transaction she even threw in some food samples for our cats, who are (of course) picky eaters. All four of our animals gobbled up their new goodies.THANK YOU to the staff at Hollywood Feed. We will be back when it's time to stock up again!”

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“Great place with really friendly people. I get goats milk and minimally processed dog food from here regularly. They also have a loyalty program where you get a discount if you buy a certain number of items.”

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“Went for the DIY dog wash. The set up was nice, product was stocked, and everyone was friendly. Also have a nice selection of dog treats and toys. Will be back, thank you!”

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“I love shopping here when I am in the area once a month. The employees are always, friendly, happy, helpful and efficient. I wish Hollywood Feed would honor a Military Discount.”

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“The staff at my local Hollywood Feed is phenomenal! I recently went into the store to purchase some cat food, but due to weather, the delivery truck arrived late, so they were just restocking shelves when I arrived. The item I came in to purchase was on the bottom of a cart stacked high with pet foods. Later in the day, when they reached the cat food, they called as promised but I couldn't get in & they said they would hold the item for me for 24 hours. I later called to explain that I couldn't pick up on time. When I finally got to the store, the item was sold out...AGAIN, but they had saved one for me.!It is so rare to find ANY customer service now. Every time I go to this store, the two women working there are efficient, knowledgable and personable. They are NOT on their cell phones, they are WORKING. I appreciate you two and I'll be back.THANK YOU!”

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“Love this place. One of the true hidden gem still left in Gresham Park. Great place to get your dog food plants fertilizer. You can also buy chickens are sometimes even rabbits.”

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“We came with our pup today to use the self-wash area. The attendants were so helpful in explaining everything since it was our first time and everything was so easy to use! This makes giving our large dog a bath SO easy and affordable. Normally if we pay a groomer so bathe her it’s close to $100 and our dog gets super stressed and anxious. Doing it ourselves is significantly cheaper and easier on her. Using the self-wash area is so nice and easier than doing it at home because everything is provided and they have a ton of different shampoos and tools to use from. I’ll definitely be back!”

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“A great place to get pet supplies. They have all the health products PetSmart (and the like) don't carry. They also have member benefits and the staff are super helpful.”

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“If you are a fan of specialty meats and cheeses, this is the place for you. I was hoping for a more European lidl experience, it seems as though they are trying to appeal more to America's habits.It's clean, well kept, organized, and the employees are friendly and helpful.The app does provide some sizable discount, worth downloading”

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“Bark and Board took great care of our 2 senior cats. Neither of these 16 year old cats had ever been boarded before so it was a new experience for all of us.Both cats were safe and comfortable during their stay and I would board them at Bark and Board again.I highly recommend Bark and Board”

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“I was looking for someone to train my dog for weeks and I am so happy I came across Craig at this Brookhaven location! He is beyond amazing. From the first time we spoke on the phone, the questions he asked, the conversation and just overall genuine concerns about my fur baby was top tier! I 100% recommend letting Craig work with your dog. The entire training process and evaluations was everything we needed! Craig is the man! Don’t look anywhere else. My dog was told she was too hyper at other boarding places and we found out she does great here and is super loved by all the employees! She’s so excited and happy coming from here. I know she’s in great hands when I drop her off. I love it here!”

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“Update: We’d like to amend this review because the manager reached out to us to make it right. They offered another cut and refund and just genuinely seemed to care that our experience wasnt the best. Overall we think this was just a bad day type of thing and we will be back to doguroo. Thanks Katie for the great customer service.I normally don’t write reviews but I feel like I need to warn people. I recently took my dog here for a full grooming service. It took 9 HOURS for them to finish!!!! Her cut was terrible and she is missing one eyebrow. I asked for a schnauzer cut and they didn’t even do that. They didn’t even clip her nails like they said they would.I highly do not recommend coming here.”

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“Jackie and Nicole are the best! My family has been taking our dogs there for 10+ years and will continue to do so. My dogs love to go there and come home clean and look so great!”

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“I love this place. I am new to the area and take my beloved Princess Leia there at least once a month for a grooming and some treats. Keep up the great work guys!”

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“Eadie was a professional yet kind worker as far as i can see. She walked us through our whole rabbit purchase and even further educated us where others would just leave it at the sale. Definitely coming back for all my pet related purchases. Thank you ms Eadie for the wonderful experience.”

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“A kind woman named Angie helped my mother with whatever she needed. She was attentive when we first walked in and was so genuine and helpful. It felt like she loved her job and put in extra effort to find what we needed. Thank you Angie!!!! Also the store was very organized.”

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“A delightful way to spend a weekend morning! The Green Market features a fantastic selection of local produce, artisanal goods, and tasty treats. Don't miss the opportunity to support local vendors!”

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“First time pet owner here. I spontaneously came home with a puppy a couple of weeks ago and I had absolutely nothing prepared. Inman Park Pet Works was our first stop. The customer service reps were so warm, knowledgeable, and patient. They answered all of my questions and helped me navigate purchasing everything I would need as a first time dog mom. I highly recommend IPPW. Max and I will definitely be back.”

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“Amazing. Don’t hesitate and get on the wait list. It’s worth it. They are kind, thoughtful and considerate of our fur babies. I have been taking my pups here for five years. One was a senior with paralysis and they were so patient. They do great cuts and styles on my standard poodle. You get the same tech with each pup every time so your pup gets comfortable and familiar with them. I’m always notified if it’s someone different. Please give this great business your support.”

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“New to town and out of pet food, I did a quick google search hoping to find any local business to support rather than the big chains. With a few around in the area, I chose Kirkwood because I read they had a self service grooming station and my boy was in major need of a scrub. I stayed because, after hearing that Arlo was having feeding issues, I was walked through different kinds of options and what would work best. I was given countless samples and happily bought the biggest bag of the one recommended! Came home with a clean, fluffy pup that gobbled up his food without issue for the first time in weeks! I won’t go anywhere else!”

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“I absolutely love So Luxe Pup. The clothes always fit. I love the harnesses and dresses! I just received my sling and can’t wait to put my furbaby in it. Highly recommended! JennyB is the greatest! Always professional. I love doing private shopping as well. It’s amazing!!”

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“I’ve been taking my dog to the grooming salon here for almost three years and I love Sydney!! She’s so sweet to my dogs, gives awesome customer service, and always communicates well. 10/10 superstar groomer”

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“Rhea groomed our dog, Frankie, for the first time and did such a great job. Frankie will always hate going to the groomer, but she seemed to hate this experience significantly less than any other grooming salon we’ve been to.”

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“We have been shopping here for years! Such a great selection and friendly knowledgeable staff! The Christmas stocking stuffers for our boys are such great quality- almost can not wait till Christmas!”

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“exelent care we recently changed back to the vet wonderful my fur child actually smiled for the first time going into the appointment she usually looks so sad this time she was ready ti be checked out lol”

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