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“I have a fleet fuel card for my work car. These pumps are easy to use it with. They let me do everything at the pump. Some stations make you go inside with a fleet card. I hate that!”

4.3 Superb72 Reviews

“One of the best fried chicken places in the city and a well kept and hidden secret. Listen, it's not all the Sunoco gas stations that have the best chicken. (I've tried them) ONLY THIS ONE!!! I don't know what they are doing, but WOOOWEEE they don't never ever need to stop!!!”

4.6 Superb24 Reviews

“I come here all the time. Sahil and Britney and Kenny are so friendly and sweet! They always are very good to me even to the point where they know exactly what I’m going to get! The store has become Family”

4.7 Superb19 Reviews

“I've been going for years. Always the best prices for gas. Can't pay at the pump but that's okay. They also have hot breakfast in the mornings. Might seems weird but it's good stuff.”

4.3 Superb38 Reviews

“This place has three grades of non-ethanol fuel. I love it! Only one hose with ethanol. This is where I fill up my motorcycle and the five gallon containers of my lawn and garden fuel”

4.7 Superb14 Reviews

“Service Was Great From The Moment I Walked In The Door. In & Out Under No Time & I Usually NEVER Have A Problem With This Location Whenever I'm In Need Of A Money Order”

4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“I have a work car with a fleet fuel card. It's so convenient here to be able to put in all the info at the pump. Not all gas stations will do that. With several stations, you have to go inside to use your fleet card. It's also convenient that the station is on a corner with exits onto both roads. It sure makes it easy to get in and out.”

4.1 Good40 Reviews

“Love to do business with a local family owned business. They are great! Located directly across from River Rd school. I believe they may be the only gas station that still pumps the gas for you! A business you can trust!”

5 Superb9 Reviews

“I absolutely love this store. The prices are competitive and the customer service is amazing. I always get a welcome from a friendly smiling face every time I visit.”

4.4 Superb17 Reviews

“The person working the counter was friendly, the service was great, but the gas isn't the best quality. It was my first time there. It's alright if you're not traveling a great distance.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“I love it 3 for 333 on Pepsi products you can't go wrong and I always get winning lottery tickets at this location and also Karen whom works evenings is the best great customer service”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“Love this chevron it’s always been one of my favorite place to go everytime and so does all of my family .. the bathrooms always clean , the staff and manger are always welcoming”

4 Good34 Reviews

“The cheapest premium unleaded gas in town. I don't mind the wait to get gas. It's worth it and it's not far from home. The prices are within my budget. Can't beat it!”

3.9 Good44 Reviews

“The staff was very polite and the store was clean. The only thing they could really work on is parking and access to the fuel pumps. But other than that it's a good one stop shop”

4 Good24 Reviews

“Convenient to everything downtown, nicely located between Veteran’s and 5th, close to 13th st and 2nd Ave. Plenty of gas pumps, associated air filter. Nestled between Taco Bell and Subway, close to McDonalds and Waffle House. Could be a little more cleanly, but the place is always packed and the foot traffic and gas pump usage is tremendous.”

3.9 Good27 Reviews

“I'd watch out for the gas price. Went to fill up the other morning, sign said $3.44, pump said $4.44. Not sure if it was a glitch but definitely glad I caught it before I began refueling. The store itself is decent. The owner and his family are always professional and have a decent selection for a gas station.”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“Great people here who treat U nice and kind very helpful if U don't know where something at The gas prices always be lower than a lot of places Thanks for Great Customer service”

4.7 Superb6 Reviews

“Staff is always nice, stay open later than Murphys. If u have Walmart+, you need to go inside and add $ to gift card on account other than that always great experience”

4.4 Superb8 Reviews

“Great little place tucked away next to a Shell station! We've eaten here several times and have always been satisfied. Service can be a tad slow when they are busy, but the staff is very friendly. Seafood is delicious! The smoked mahi doo, calamari and fried crab claws are great appetizers. The shrimp pompano, fried grouper, grouper Panama, chargrilled oysters, Brussels sprouts, collard greens are all amazing. Definitely one of the best places in town and fairly priced for what you get.”

3.8 Good23 Reviews

“Best Convenience Store/Gas Station On Da Planet.. Snacks Are Reasonably Priced, Fresh & Delicious... They Have Everything You Need. Their Fuel Is A Cut Above All & Less Expensive, Fuel Treatment Is Cody Efficient. Your Car Will Love Not Having Water In Your Tank..I Won't Fill Up Anywhere Else EVER... Simply Love Them & Every Other Human Will As Well.. Give Em A Try..???”

4.2 Good8 Reviews

“The 3 regular day time ladies are always welcoming, and remember what I want and have it ready before I even reach the counter!! They're all very friendly and never make me feel like just a customer! They each are well deserving of a GOOD RAISE for going above and beyond with their customer Service! Gas prices are always lower than Merritt bros half a mile away!”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

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