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“My favorite store to stop at. Im there at least once a day some times 2or3. The employees get to know everyone. Very welcoming. Even the owners know the regulars and speak every time.”

4.1Good20 Reviews

“The pizza is always great. And what is better than being able to get your pizza then being able to walk into the attached liquor store to grab your choice of liquor to go with it.”

3.6Good15 Reviews

“This is to the Loves that I remember. Clean store, clean restrooms ( I didn't get to check out the showers but judging by the looks of the rest of the store, I'm sure they are clean too). Staff was polite and courteous with good customer service. I had a situation regarding my fuel card and they were able to assist regarding this matter. This is what customers love to tell their friends about. Kudos! ?”

3.3Good62 Reviews

“Super friendly. They dont all speak English fluently but try to help the best they an or find the one that is fluent. I dont understand these other reviews. Crying about fluctuating hours of a family business and 2 cents change. The 24 hour places are close by. Only issue I ever had was they wouldnt accept a return of a Vuse pod unopened. I meant to buy a 2% not a 5% and because most of them come with the plastic (not all) they told me it was open.”

3.8Good6 Reviews

“The place was clean, but the food looked greasy and all they offered was fried food.The bathroom was clean and there was a variety of drinks, snacks, salads and items like boiled eggs for someone grabbing some quick protein for work, etc.The employees were not helpful or friendly. Another customer actually helped us to navigate the self-checkout.”

3Average71 Reviews

“I'm disabled which often makes it difficult getting out to pump gas for my van. Their great customer service came out to the pump as to assist me in filling my tank. Very nice, as well as above and beyond service!”

2.9Average21 Reviews
1.5Poor11 Reviews