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“This store is good and the staff is helpful. The pharmacy has treated me well and is prompt with my medications and vaccinations. I keep coming back -- what else do you need to know?”

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“To me, rosauers supermarket is more than a supermarket; it's a family. As I perused the aisle for the elusive spicy nacho cheese doritos fun pack, I made I contact with an ominous man. His eyes shot out at me and locked on. Then they drug me in like a long silver hook. I told the man my name was Henry (an alias, for safety of course). He never told me his name, but he did ask me what I was searching for. I told him I was looking for the spicy nacho cheese Doritos fun pack. He told me to follow him, and we walked. I lost track of time as we paced, and some aisles past quickly, and other slowly, and some made you feel as if you weren't moving at all. Inevitably, our due terminus was reached: the chip aisle. As we entered my eyes started to dart around, looking, and looking. I found some doritos, but they were not the fun pack, nor the spicy nacho cheese flavor. As we came closer to reaching the end of the aisle, I felt the sinking feeling of defeat creeping over my conscience. There was 5 steps left - my eyes searched - 4 steps - again, searching - 3 steps, then 2 - my eyes peeled open, carrying out a determined scan of the area - 1 step - it was here. I knew it had to be here, and yet, i had not seen it. I knew that there was a chance it wasn't here. The thought had crossed my mind before, but I decided not to believe it, for fear my journey would be in vain. My foot hit the end of the aisle and the old man stopped, looked around, and opened a secret passage way. He slid inside quickly motioning for me to follow. Inside was a room full of spicy nacho cheese Doritos fun packs. My eyes lit up. My feet left the ground as I jumped for joy. Then the man ate them, every single bag, in front of my face. He looked me dead in the eyes, and told me, with a straight face. "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"”

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“You put your bulk change in, it sorts it and prints out a receipt you take to the cashier who gives you cash. It's kind of expensive (12 cents for every dollar goes to coinstar), but for the convenience it is worth it for me most of the time.”

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“Love their pharmacy. Shamber is hands down one of the nicest, hardest-working pharmacists I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She always goes above and beyond to help me whenever there's an issue with my prescriptions or with my insurance.”

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