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“This is the best place to get your car repaired. Always the best work at a fair price. Mike only repairs what needs to be fixed. I completely trust him to look a vehicle over and make sure it is safe to drive and he won't just look for things to bump up the ticket.This is the best place ever.”

4.5 Superb43 Reviews

“Great gas station with deli and bakery. Also has trucker stop and slots. They had a full service restaurant and ice-cream bar but closed it during covid and it hasn't reopened.”

4.5 Superb23 Reviews

“I love this place. Owner's & Employees have Always been very friendly, helpful, & professional. I stop in at least 2-3 times month. Thanks for ALL the GREAT SERVICE guys ????”

4.4 Superb35 Reviews

“I love Kwik Trip, but could you please fix your cash register? Twice the 2 for $3.99 chicken and rice salsa burritos rang up incorrectly at this location. I was able to get the employees to correct the price, but they did so reluctantly. As a former lawyer, I know that you have to honor your posted prices. Please either fix your cash register or change the prices (preferably the former). Thanks.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“My hometown gas station. They have updated a lot to this place! They have a coffee machine now and Bakery items.. good alcohol selection. Very friendly staff too! The owners are very nice people too!”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“It is a pretty nice place with a adequate selection (they sure do like their energy drinks), pretty basic overall though (no wash, vacuums, fountain). The station was very clean and nice looking though. Has early closing hours where it is never open past 7pm, so keep that in mind.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“Del's was fabulous today to tow our vehicle.We called and they promptly showed up. Very professional and reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone. Five star for sure.!!”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“Extremely friendly, immaculate restrooms, and inexpensive gas price before heading to Chicago. We were treated kindly, not followed around the store, and greeted warmly upon entering and exiting.”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“It was a very clean gas station the windshield wiper fluid was full the cleaners the squeegees or knew they had towels out of red paper towels all filled and ready to go it was a very clean store”

4 Good37 Reviews

“I was having trouble getting the pump to read my debit card, and then it wouldn't cancel it out. I went inside to see if they could cancel it, and I'd just prepay inside the store. The woman couldn't figure it out from the register either. Well, this very polite young man came from the back and asked if I'd like him to come out and help me. I was quite grateful for his help since I didn't want to move to a different pump, with that one just pending...forever!Lol, he stuck my card back in there, and just like that, it was ready for my pin #.This young man didn't even have to acknowledge me, and my issue, especially since it was pretty cold(29°), windy, snowing/sleeting/hailing. Just an outright nasty day!The woman and this young man were both so polite, considerant, and so helpful. I definitely recommend this store.”

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“Friendliest employees, quick service, and a very clean store! I've never had any type of problem w/their gas pumps. I'm very bad w/names, so the fact that I can recall those of the two employees I'm about to mention means they have both made a remarkable impression on me.I've rated more business than I can recall & would use the Wonder Lake BP every single time if I could. Having worked both DoorDash & Instacart, I have a lot of experience w/gas stations & convenience stores.Several days ago, since it was late & no other customers, Tim helped me get thick phone mount gunk off my windshield & told me a cheap trick he learned from his mother, who ran/runs her own successful cleaning business, that would have worked had the gunk been any harder (forget Goo-B-Gone, which they don't carry, use rubbing alcohol. Thank you Tim for saving me a bunch on future cleaning w/your willingness to share this knowledge & the fact that rubbing alcohol works for so much more than sticky messes!).Mark is a very caring morning/afternoon employee who mixes sociability with speed. He truly cares about customers and keeps up with their lives, but won't hold up a line at the register to chit-chat. He retains enough knowledge not only to truly excel at his job but also to have realized he could ask me to send his regrets for not being able to attend my uncle's recent Celebration of Life due to a schedule change. Mark has his own private problems, but it's never affected his job performance or his amazing attitude. Who wouldn't want to frequent a business with employees who care that much? He's not nosy, he pays attention. That means he also pays great attention to customer needs. I honestly cannot say enough about this amazing employee (whom I swear I do not know outside of the store!). The ladies are wonderful. There's one I don't know well enough to judge her work ethic, but it seems to me that the specific camaraderie between these employees would discourage any poor work ethic, leading to an excellent customer experience. For the most part, businesses that have employees who are kind, friendly, and helpful to one another operate the most efficiently w/excellent customer service & while I know Google has me rating a BP, BP is only the gas pumps, their functionality, and fuel cost, a useful rating cannot be given w/o writing of the attached convenience store & it’s employees unless there isn't a store.Alcohol is limited to the beer and wine varieties (meaning, nothing hard except the cider ?), but there is a great selection and a walk-in refrigerated "Beer Cave". I only drink on occasion, but I’ve perused this store enough to be able to provide this information. It's good to note they do keep half of their selection of Barefoot wines in the Cave so you can get wine pre-chilled instead of room temp. The wine isn't obvious in the Cave since it's directly to the left of the entrance.Smokers: be sure to ask about discounts. Not every employee is aware of every discount because there are a few different ways to save depending on your brand, but if they don't know, they do their best to find out quickly. I know there's always a discount on Camels & Marbs, which sometimes varies for the better, but other brands usually have discounts for paying w/cash and buying by the carton instead of a couple packs at a time. You can save a decent amount by buying two packs at a time of a couple brands while saving by buying the full carton of others. There's only one place I can get my cigarettes cheaper locally, but not worth the gas & Graham's sells my mother's insanely expensive cigs for a much better price than the discount tobacco store in Mchenry (odd, right?). The cash discount alone on her specific brand does still save money even if I need to pay the ATM fee ($3 at the main ATM, $3.50 if using the ATM by the video slots). I'm not sure if the cash discount applies to cigarettes bought by the pack ins”

3.8 Good39 Reviews

“This is a gas station, liquor store, grocery and fast food all in one. I forgot, a car wash too. Usually the best fuel prices in the area. Decent food and lots of variety for reasonable prices.”

3.7 Good17 Reviews

“First and foremost the facility was IMMACULATE! What a great gas find on the way into Lake Geneva!!!The staff was super helpful esp. the young man who carried 2-4 paks of New Glarus beer to the check out for me! It was extremely easy to find everything I was looking for....a place for everything and everything in place! The ladies room was clean enough to do foolin'.....just remarkable. Next time I'm in the area....I'll 'grocery shop' here and buy my gas here too! The pumping area was also immaculate. What a change from Chicago....totally refreshing!?”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“Love this gas station the employees are always friendly and they have a great selection of food and drinks, the gas pumps are slow AF tho but still 5 stars that's probably out of their control at least nobody screamed in my face here so 5 stars forever BP all the way”

3.6 Good30 Reviews

“Great station, it’s very clean and has slot machines, which is a bonus, they have beer, soda pop, candy, chips and all kinds of snacks, phone chargers, toys for kids. Has plenty of gas pumps and the people there are nice and friendly. I would recommend this gas station.”

3.4 Good17 Reviews

“Ya know how it is when you're on the road. Gas. Restroom. Drink's and snack's. Lottery tickets. Out the door. Friendly customer's & staff just the same. Be safe traveler's ???”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“I absolutely love this new gas station! It's so big and has everything you need. It even has a Subway and Dunkin Donuts inside it! It's also one of the only gas stations who uses Pig points from Piggly Wiggly that you can use towards gas prices. I paid 14 cents for my gas yesterday!”

3.3 Good22 Reviews

“Reliable and responsive but watch his "add on" suggestions...those can run up the price and might not be necessary. Get a second opinion like at your dealership.”

2.6 Average5 Reviews