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“Haa one of Ottumwas older quick shops is still here! They still claim home of the lottery winners. They do sell lots of tickets! Ok prices as far as package stores.. Small selection of canned goods, Milk, beer, soda are the better sellers... And then for those who like hard liquor they have a real good selection and good prices as well. They will special order items if you do not find the brands you like. They do have pizza, and other items as hot. And have some sandwiches in the cold case. Chips, candy bars.. yup those too! Handy place when winter weather has you snowed in. Close to John Deere..”

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“The staff is very courteous they have have Chesters Chicken here which is Very good the coffee is very good like most convenient stores the prices are high cigarette prices are cheaper than HyVee or the tobacco stores. For service and convenience and speed at the counter I would recommend this store”

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“Yesway is my go to "convenient store" / gas station! With the Yesway rewards I was able to get atleast 12 items for 50 cents. Because I only had to pay bottle deposit on a couple items. I've had atleast .10 cents off gas a few times already from the little shopping I have done. Plus Yesway usually has any drinks, snacks, plus more that I could need when going in to the gas station or a quick trip! If you aren't already a yesway rewards member you DEFINITELY need to get on it. Your missing out otherwise. I have almost 30 smiles which can be redeemed for free stuff in store!! Bathroom is always in working order, very very clean place. The staff is literally so nice! Very friendly establishment. Not usually very busy, except late mornings/early afternoonish.”

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“The pizza here tastes like love was put into every bite, especially when the sweet older woman who works in kitchen she is an absolute delight to see she’s made my pizza, I believe her name is Mary. Definitely grandma material.”

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“still open as of today!!good service here too!walmart gas closed due to one of the attendant's tested positive for the covid 19... that info is from walmart ottumwa management!so i take that as true!pre pay after 11 pm at this location for the over night.but these days mostly i get fuel during the day.service with a smile at this location!!I love it!well done yesway mary street ottumwa!”

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“My favorite station in town. Always stop by to fill up and get items if going out of town. Have a large selections of different drinks punch card on hit drinks which is nice. Plenty of hot little snacks. Always clean and always stocked. I like the fact Hyvee is right by it. Using your fuelsaver at the store and use it on gas getting 75 cents off gas is always nice even though you can only pump 20 gallons.”

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“The new store is great has great customer service as well an employee named Marie went above and beyond when it came to helping my friend with a cast she carried her 24pks of soda to the car for her. I thought it was super nice of her and great customer service. She is super nice and sweet great personality”

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“ha well i hit this as i was on my way out of town and needed fuel not my regular stop they had hot food in here! yup! and they had mini tacos and tamales! both were real good as they just had put them out fresh! yea the mild tamales were 5 star! i should to have ordered ice cream as well! hot day so it would not to have traveled well for food on the go. yea you need to pull over for the tamales as they need to be unwrapped from the paper. but the mini tacos are a great food on the go! easy in and out place!”

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“ok for quick in and out gas.located in a good spot as it is on one of the main travel routes for biz 34they do have the normal good pizza and food offerings.I guess I prefer the mary street caseys the best for might be me but pizza tastes better from there.”

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“pizza deals in the app.and yes the app works perfect!13.99 for a supreme!fast too!perfect bake on the pie!not too much on the toppings...maybe 1/2 as much as there used to be...but the flavor was good.join the app and get deals!the pizza would to have been 19 bucks without the deal.these days we need all the deals we can get!”

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3.9Good13 Reviews

“They're pleasant, professional, and as helpful as they can be . Prices are about the same as everywhere else . Can't blame the people waiting on you and/or helping you for the price of fuel or anything else . They have no control over it”

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“Really nice people work there. I'm disabled and they let me park close to front door. Very clean store. Will be coming there more often. Keep up the good work!”

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“We are a large family that is fairly complex when it comes to medications. Any pharmacy we have gone to before has been awful to deal with but once we moved to this area and switched to Walgreens, Eric, the pharmacist, has always gone above and beyond for our whole family. Tonight was no exception: they called in TEN prescriptions for Tamiflu for our whole house about ten minutes before they closed. Eric went out of his way to make sure that we had all of our meds before he closed, even though it meant he had to stay late. His customer service has always been top-notch and then some. THANK YOU, ERIC!!”

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2.9Average12 Reviews

“The staff is friendly & helpful. The pharmacy goes above & beyond. Yes it gets busy but bigger cities are much worse. They wouldn't busy if they weren't popular.”

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