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“I was driving from Nashville to Columbus on a Friday and my alternator went out. We ended up at Schwarte’s after a recommendation from the Auto Zone nearby.When we pulled up to Schwarte’s our van died. It was about 6:00 on a Friday so they were closing up. I explained to them my situation, and they were very accommodating.They couldn’t get to my vehicle til Monday, but they got to it first thing and we were back on the road early that morning.When you have a family of 6 and your vehicle breaks down, it can be a pretty traumatic experience. The guys at the shop met me when I was in a dire situation and they treated us with respect and empathy.The price was much less than I anticipated and the quality of work was exceptional.I wish I could find a place like Schwarte’s where I live.Thankful for this shop and can’t recommend it enough!”

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“While on a trip to Kentucky my car broke down near Crescent Springs KY. Found Ken's, who got my car in same day and diagnosed the problem. Next day the repairs were made, with a thorough explanation of the problem and the fix, then was on my way to my destination.Ken's was very prompt as well as demonstrated outstanding customer service, professionalism, and showed a sense of urgency. Would highly recommend.Thanks to the entire team!”

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