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“I ordered a barrel mug for my husband for Christmas, online. It was defective and leaked from the handle as soon as he put liquid in it. I called and was met with skepticism because “that never happens.” I was offered to mail it back and they’d mail me a replacement but because Sheepscot Is around a half hour away, I decided to make the return in person, which would give me the opportunity to shop the store. The Damariscotta location had a mug I could swap with and they held it for me. My husband, college aged daughter and I drove to the location to pick up the mug. We noted the sign on the door indicating masks were not required so we entered without a mask. We were immediately confronted by the employee, asking us to wear a mask. We all put on masks and I suggested they change the sign if they require masks or want customers to wear masks in the store. I was not offered a refund for my original shipping cost and my thanks for driving an hour or more round trip to correct their mistake was being accosted as I entered the door. I found this very off putting. The mug is lovely. They have beautiful pottery. I will not go back until masks are a thing if the past.”

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“Awesome little bead shop. They have everything - both the cheaper and really nice options. They were also knowledgeable and even shared a different way to sew wrap bracelets that will save me a lot of time! Please go and support them - the world needs more bead shops.”

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