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“Great service and fantastic inventory!!!!We have been very happy with the personalized service for all the years shopping at Old Farm!!!Keep up the great work!!!!”

4.7 Superb77 Reviews

“We visited this delightful little shop over the weekend and were sp impressed with the selection. Very nice, unique wines at a great price point. Extremely impressed with the witty and knowledgeable service we received from the gentleman working Sunday night Oct 15.”

4.7 Superb62 Reviews

“Excellent customer service whenever you go to East Side liquors. I come here to pick up my case of wine and the family who runs this store always comes to my aid to help me pick out new wines to try. Super friendly and knowledgeable of all their products and what’s trending. If you ever need a good recommendation of what to get, don’t be afraid to ask any of the store employees. 5/5 definitely recommend to visit if you’re in the Frederick area.”

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“Festival major liquors, is a great shop for your alcohol or spirits needs. They have a wide range of varieties to choose from. And if you have a question, the usual cashier is knowledgeable enough to help you out. So if you need some drinks, this is the place.”

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“Who would guess that in old Frederick, MD, you could get new releases of rare alcohols? Well, look no further! This is where you want to be. From the cheapest to the most sought-after rare finds, Riverside has it! Wine, coolers, beer, liquors, mixers....the list goes on. Their inventory stays stocked, and I have never been, and they do not have what I was looking for. Go check then out. You won't be disappointed!!!”

4.5 Superb123 Reviews

“The people are friendly. They have a lot of different types of alcohol in stock. Can't say much else about it except for it's a pretty darn good place.”

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“Awesome service here. The owner makes you feel very comfortable talking to him and other people. This store is so convenient and does have a lot of brand-name stuff. The prices are good compared to other stores' prices. He also carried out lottery tickets and scratches. I won 80. Eighty bucks played the lottery. Awesome place.”

4.6 Superb43 Reviews

“We’re from Indiana... we go to this liquor store every time we come to town. Usually twice a year. The same guy is always there. He’s very friendly and they always have what I need!!! Warm 30 packs of Miller Lite !!!! I love this place!!!”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews

“I just moved back into town and need something from the store. This place was wonderful, clean and friendly people. They also gave treats to my little dog. This is a great little store. Thank you for being so kind and we will be back soon.”

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“The best possible liquor store you could ever go to, they carry everything and since it's a family business they treat you like family..truly great service great people and great place...”

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“DJ’s Liquors has a great selection on the shelves and lots of beverages kept ice cold in the cold box! Staff has always been helpful and friendly. My 1st choice of liquor stores in Mt Airy Md”

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“My favorite place to get breakfast in Frederick. I recommend the cream chipped beef over toast or the sausage gravy over biscuit. For a quick lunch you can't go wrong with the potato soup or the broccoli cheddar soup, with a cold cut sub.”

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“Lakefront was wonderful to work with for our wedding alcohol. Drew was extremely responsive and knowledgable. They had a wide variety of alcohol to work with and were willing to work with us for signature drinks. And the best part is they bought back everything we didn't drink. Everything was great and we have no complaints! Thank you, Drew for everything!”

4.5 Superb44 Reviews

“Wow. Stopped by while passing through on my way back to Virginia. GREAT craft beer selection. I bought so much they helped carry it to the car! Def worth a stop.”

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“Love the new ownership! Very friendly local liquor store. They have a wide variety of beer, wine, and liquor. If you're in the need for an adult beverage check out Trout!”

4.4 Superb73 Reviews

“The owner has wonderful knowledge of his spirits! I thought I had tried or at least heard of most vodkas… not the case! He said I should try a cucumber infused bottle by Wagner. It really fits the spot, refreshing too!!”

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“Really cool spot with a very laid back feeling to it. Staff are friendly, helpful and they have a nice selection that separates it from the typical drinks you often find”

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“I had the wonderful opportunity to go to this establishment with my wine friends from AWS (American Wine Society) Frederick Chapter on Friday, 3/8/2024, for a private wine event. It was such a fabulous wine tasting. The Owner, Mark, was so friendly and knowledgeable and his assistant, Darius was super helpful and friendly, as well. It was my first time coming to the wine store and I felt so comfortable. Sometimes, going to wine stores and wine events can feel a bit pretentious, but not here. Mark really make sure everyone has a great experience. Often times, people think that a good quality wine has to be expensive to be good, and that's just simply categorically not true. There lots of great wine options at various price points, but what I love and appreciate about "STB" is that they curate really great wines at an affordable price point. I am a member of, and I pay for the club membership and have wines selected for me at random because, I like to try lots of new wines all of the time, but it can be expensive. So, I decided to join "STB's" wine club because, it's affordable and I'll still get to try more wines that are really great value, quality, and have been rated really high and not run the risk of breaking my bank. That's really great, and I prefer to support local businesses that support our local economy. That makes me feel really good! Plus, this store is super cute in Historic Downtown Frederick and I love the charm that it adds to the city.”

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“All I can say is wow! What a hidden gem in Frederick tucked away in a shopping center. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and the gentleman took my order. The service is amazing and you won't wait long for your order as the sandwich took about 2-3 minutes to make while I browsed the local beer selection. I ordered the Italian Deluxe Sub (9" sub). You can also get most of the subs on sandwich bread if you don't want the sun. The sandwich came loaded with meats, cheese, and veggies along with oils, vinegar, and hot peppers. You really get alot of bang for your buck. I also ordered a side of chicken noodle soup. The soup was SO good with lots of white and dark chicken, thick noodles, and chunky vegetables. The soup was very hearty and paired well with my cold sub. In total I spent about $13 ($8.50 for the sub). There is a great variety of beer, wine, and liquor in the store as well. I will most certainly be back and you just try this if you're in the Frederick area.”

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“Stopped in while traveling. One of the nicest store owners I have ever met, who also has a great bourbon selection. I didn't catch his name but he was happy to show us what bourbon gems he had as well as make small talk about bourbon, the allocation and prices and how the town was recommended in the top 10 in the U.S. to visit.”

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“It's a small store with a limited selection of bourbon, but I found a bottle that I usually get back home (Town Branch) at a fair price and couldn't pass it up. The guy working there was helpful.”

4.2 Good80 Reviews

“Great little liquor store. Has everything you need and more. Owners are very respectful and there to help if need be. Stop every weekend to grab a cold 6 on the way home”

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“Definitely THE place to go for Beer, Wine & Spirits. Always something unique & weird in the beer section. Got this Cherry Pie Sour Ale that sounded interesting & was one of my favorite sours I've tried.”

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“My table and I Ordered Medium Bowl of Pho (#1), Garden Rolls, 2 chicken banh mi's, coconut boba tea with jelly, and avocado shake. Pho: hot and tasty. The seasoning of the broth was really good. I especially liked that there were other condiments (fish sauce, chili sauce, siracha, and oyster sauce). Meats were slightly raw but with the hot piping broth, it cooked just right. Banh Mi: Baguette was soft and the chicken was really flavorful and tender. I didnt really care for the radishes, however, the pickled carrots, sliced onions, cucumbers, jalapeno and cilantro were spot on. I would ask for double meats though. Garden Rolls: shrimp and pork was good, so was the peanut sauce, however, I did not like the shredded lettuce. Avocado Shake: totally would order again AND you can request tapioca pearls if you want! Coconut boba w/ jellies: it was light and refreshing. It absolutely made me think of sitting near a beach and enjoying summer weather in this frigid weather. Overall: the music playing in the background was relaxing. The server was attentive and refilled our waters even at halfway full! the food came out fast, hot, and completely delish. The ONLY downside was the parking because it is literally at a corner lot that also has Chinese food, pizza, and liquor store. I believe the parking lot can hold 7 cars.. Max 10. Eh, i might be exaggerating. Either way, its little so drive your other halfs smart, compact, or economy car! 😂”

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“Wow, this place is one of the best examples of why people love small towns. Greeted as soon as I come in, and they took their time answering all my questions about pricing. I will definitely come back!”

3.7 Good20 Reviews

“They got great prices but am not sure what the cashiers do to up the price. The other day I got a bottle of sweet rum that coated 27.99 on the shelf and when I paid it was 32 and some change... is taxes for liquor higher ir I dont understand... cashiers please can you explain??”

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“Always friendly owners and staff at Barnes. I will tell anyone I know to stop in. They have pizza and lots of other items also.. You're sure to find what you need.Thanks BCS..!”

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“Our local go to for all party libations. We can usually find anything we need plus goodies from time to time. For instance, we happen to arrive to restock during a White Claw tasting event and got hooked on the Mango flavoured vodka. Paired that up with the mango flavoured mixer and it became the life of the party, headed back for seconds.”

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“Fantastic! Very nice store associates. They all are very knowledgeable and seem to enjoy working at the Warehouse. The variety of liqs, wine and beer is phenomenal. Prices are the best in town. Fun tastings it’s always a great shopping experience.”

3.9 Good130 Reviews