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“Excellent selection, and excellent service! The owners are always friendly and helpful! Whether you are a fan of light beer, wine, or craft beer, they have it all! Craft beer lovers will be impressed!”

4.9 Superb52 Reviews

“Ms Kathy is so wonderful! She will order anything you want if she doesn't have it (and her supplier can get it!) Shes very friendly and has a pretty good selection for being a small store. I love supporting the local businesses and I love being right around the corner. Such a great small town business.”

4.9 Superb47 Reviews

“What a GREAT place for all your beverage needs!! Prices are excellent and they have all the newest items on the market. All the employees I have encountered are friendly and helpful!! I would recommend this place as a go to in Westminster!!”

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“If you are looking to buy a drink on any day, then Cork & Bottle Inc in Westminister is the place. When what you are looking for is out of stock, they give u hope of coming back the next day and or may ask of your contact only if u want it every other time you come in to buy liquor.”

4.8 Superb51 Reviews

“Liquid Library is a hidden gem nestled in Westminster, and our dining experience here was nothing short of exceptional. Despite the two-hour waiting list, which initially made us a bit apprehensive, the staff pleasantly surprised us by notifying us of our table being ready in just an hour--a testament to their efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. Upon perusing the menu, we were delighted to find a curated selection of dishes, although limited, each promising a culinary adventure. We sampled two pizzas: the adventurous Uncle Willy, boasting an intriguing combination of chorizo, onions, bananas, peppers, mozzarella, and red sauce for $14, and the classic Margherita pizza for $12. Both were cooked to perfection in the traditional wood stove, imparting a delightful smokiness and depth of flavor that elevated every bite. Additionally, we couldn't resist trying the house-made meatballs, a highlight of the meal, bursting with savory goodness at every forkful, priced at a reasonable $8. However, Liquid Library's true prowess lies in its craft cocktails, and we were eager to indulge in their signature creations. I opted for Aviation, a timeless classic with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Crafted with precision and finesse, the Aviation at Liquid Library paid homage to its origins with every sip, a harmonious blend of gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice, elegantly presented in a cocktail glass. It was a true masterpiece that would undoubtedly make Hugo Ensslin proud. On the other hand, my wife ventured into the Smoked Cranberry Paloma--a bold choice that unfortunately didn't align with her taste preferences due to its smoky undertones. However, this was purely a matter of preference and in no way reflected the quality of the drink, which remained impeccable. Overall, our experience at Liquid Library surpassed all expectations. From the impeccable service to the exquisite culinary offerings and innovative cocktails, every aspect of our visit left a lasting impression. We can't wait to return and explore what this culinary haven offers. Five stars, without a doubt!”

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“Mike & KP are great! They’re always willing to offer assistance finding things, and if you want something they don’t have - they’ll order it! I don’t go anywhere else in town but to gourmet wine & spirits”

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“They are super nice and friendly people mr Paul I love walking in with my dad on his days off and seeing his face light up with joy when he sees him. It makes me super happy to see mr Paul he’s super nice and kind”

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“This has become my go-to liquor store! Mainly because of the helpful, knowledgeable staff. Several months ago, I went in search of a particular item that isn't easy to find. Not only did one of the guys take me right to it, they also checked availability on another item I asked about. The manager called me the next day to let me know what he found. Their prices are very competitive, there is always a coupon in my mail for discounts and the store is easy to navigate. But best of all is their customer service. Someone always offers assistance when I can't find what I'm looking for. I highly recommend House of Liquors.”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“I have been to many liquor stores in my life, but none of them can compare to Still & Grill. This place has everything you could ever want from a liquor store: a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, and mixers; friendly and knowledgeable staff; competitive prices; and a convenient location. Whether you are looking for a rare craft beer, a fine wine, a smooth whiskey, or a refreshing cocktail, you will find it at Still & Grill.”

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“It's a great little store to run in and get some booze on a Sunday or any day during the week they don't have the best selection but they have the basics in the prices are fair”

4.4 Superb34 Reviews

“AMAZING STAFF. Great prices on all products. A liquor store that does not put outrages prices on allocated items. Everything they sell is as close as a Maryland Liquor Store can get to MSRP. I can’t say enough about the staff. If you need a go to liquor store, this is your spot.”

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“Awesome service! The staff go above and beyond to help everyone. Awesome store! The owner is also an awesome man. I would highly recommend this store to anyone. They are a small store and carry most of ur well-known brands of wine and spirits.”

4.4 Superb17 Reviews

“This place has a lot of products packed into the space they have. A decent beer selection as well as wine. The staff has always been friendly towards me anytime I have shopped there. Prices are in line with others in the area”

4.3 Superb3 Reviews

“These guys are always knowledgeable. Huge selection and great prices. Wish they would bring back the Saturday wine tastings. Those were the best. Hope "moms" doing alright”

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“Doing some last minute holiday "merry" juice? Well these guys pull through. They've got a wide selection of the most popular brands at great prices ?”

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“After moving back to the Westminster area after years in Virginia where I could find some great craft beer at grocery stores, I was hard pressed to find a liquor store that offered a wide selection. College Square did just that, and I have been able to find a lot of great options here!”

4.2 Good60 Reviews

“was very upset when I got to this shopping district..and found that the store I frequent {when I'm passing thru the area)while traveling to see my daughter in college had closed down, gutted out and being remodeled for something else. felt like I had lost a best friend . CTS formerly And That !and originated as the Christmas Tree Shops ..was my favorite, it was such an awesome store.”

4.1 Good22 Reviews

“A visit to Party City looking for costume accessories. It's a great place to pick up children's costumes. They also have an amazing selection of balloons to choose from.”

4.1 Good31 Reviews

“Fantastic customer service. Very informative willing to answer all of your questions. Excellent variety of beer, wines and spirits. Not to mention the store is organized very well and easy to navigate. I am new to the area and this will certainly be my go to store for our adult beverages.”

2.1 Poor15 Reviews