Post Offices in New Windsor, MD

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“This little post office has the best employees working there. They are so friendly and efficient! Anything I have mailed/shipped from there made it to its destination on time and intact. It hasn't ever been "busy" when I've stopped by - usually no wait, or maybe one customer ahead, but they are done swiftly. This is very different than the Westminster post office, which has nice enough employees but they are SLOW - like weirdly slow. And it's very busy there with quite the customer cast of characters.... The Eldersburg post office is not as bad, unless you get the one nasty man that makes inappropriate comments and messes with your packages (however, I am not sure if he is still there - I stopped using that office years ago due to my experiences with him). And the Union Bridge post office is not busy but is a cluttered mess. So I'd highly recommend the New Windsor post office if you're nearby.”

4.8 Superb8 Reviews