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“Theresa is a great GM! The employees are very friendly and always greet you and help you find things even when they are super busy! Will always shop there as long as Theresa is there.”

4 Good52 Reviews

“I enjoy shopping here. The girls that work there are friendly and give it the small town atmosphere. They have a good selection of just about everything. The store is neat, clean and organized. Prices are a little high but that’s everywhere.”

4.3 Superb37 Reviews

“My hats off to Ms. Debbie for comforting me when I broke down about a recent death in the family. She handled it very professionally and kind heartedly. This world needs more employees like this. ?”

3.8 Good56 Reviews

“I love dollar general !!!! The staff is always nice, friendly and helpful. It's a rare occurrence that they don't have what I'm shopping for. Best of all they're close to home!!!!!Keep up the good work ladies!!!!!”

3.7 Good39 Reviews

“I went to dollar General to drop off a FedEx pkg. Yes dollar General is a FedEx drop off location. 2 women walked in and 1 said "you can't ever buy just 1 item at a dollar General" I told the clerk that I can go to dollar General and actually buy 0 items. Ha ha. As I'm leaving I see this lion doll on my way out and it's 50% off. How do I pass that up. I end up buying not 1, not 2, but 3 items before I leave. Guess that woman was right. You can not buy just 1 item at dollar general even when you go with no intention of buying anything. Darn you dollar General!”

3.1 Average8 Reviews

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