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“Visited store on several occasions. This store is alway clean and well stocked! I find just what I’m looking for and things I didn’t know they carry. My favorite store by far. ♥️”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“Depending on who's working. So far only 1 person gives problems & issues. Always passive aggressive, could care less if someone has been waiting or in a rush.With that being said....Today[7•10•23] was kewl, employee helped. I misunderstood a sale going on. She explained it+ Gave advice on how to check if I was able to save extra $$.. which i did. Instead of purchasing 2 sodas full price. she got me the 2nd soda for $1 & saved a few ¢ent on my other items.Thanx”

2.8 Average6 Reviews

“I’ve never been dissatisfied with the amount of product they have and plenty staff. This is one of the cleanest and is best dollar trees I’ve been to in the Frederick area and always my first choice to go to.”

4.3 Superb74 Reviews

“The store has a large variety of items even balloons with helium. Everything from candy to kitchen utensils. Its a bit unorganized but you will find what you needed. diapers safety pins cotton even a lint roller.”

4.4 Superb50 Reviews

“The store is nice but when you are shopping and someone is following you through out the store as if they think you are stealing makes you want to spend your money elsewhere. Not sure if tha man following us around the store works there or not. But may just have to find another store to shop after today. But I will say the cashier was great and we did spend almost $200 with the grandkids coming you do have to grab some snacks along with some other things but she checked us out quickly.”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews

“Great store very clean and the staff was very nice even when the customer in line in front of us was being practically verbally abusive the cashier for no reason the cashier kept calm and had a manager come talk to the lady yelling by the time I left the lady had calmed down but I still feel bad for how she spoke to the nice cashier”

4 Good37 Reviews

“I went into dollar general the other day and it seems they have new management! Store looks so much better, it’s more organized and clean. And they have such friendly staff now. ? whoever took over that store is doing a great job”

3.8 Good54 Reviews

“This place has become my daily shop. Having no transportation I am able to walk and purchase what I need here. Prices are great and in some cases better than their competitors. Staff is always kind and quick to help. Especially like to think the Manager Jay who was kind to me beyond measure. I would definitely recommend.”

3.7 Good62 Reviews

“Most organized dollar tree I've ever been too, but the real treat is Mrs. Eudene. She's very fast on the register, very knowledgeable about locations of items in the store, and is ALWAYS the most friendly person. You keep her, I'll keep coming back!”

2.9 Average21 Reviews

“This is by far the best dollar store I've visited in Frederick. It was clean, tidy, and well stocked, and both ladies working were friendly. I was able to get a very nice large gift bag and a package of tissue for half the price of just an equivalent gift bag anywhere else. One happy customer... I will definitely be back!”

3.2 Average68 Reviews

“It seems they cleaned the place up. Everything's tidy, with dg deals and good finds! They had pastel sharpies, highlighters, scented glue sticks and more. They had so much in stock, and the cashier was nice. Hope it stays nice and neat !”

2.1 Poor17 Reviews