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“Food price was so nice, and they just installed self check out. The process has of find good priced foods and che king out is almost as fast, as it can be. Very nice job, ALDI, keep up the good work, you got a shopper for LIFE NOW”

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“This is one of my favorite places in all of Big Rapids. Let me start and say that it is truly a great place and a good place to find healing if your looking for it. Clint and Nicholas are such great people. Clint is a long time aquaintance of mine and a passed on friend's friend. Known him for years, I can tell you that he is a very compassionate man who truly tries to take care if his patients, customers and friend's. If you're looking for herbal medicines, soaps, holistic foods or a person to just sit down and listen to what your going through and help you find holistic healing, this is the place.”

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“As far as groceries go, this is a good place to shop. Home decor is a bit expensive, but they have a great selection of; automotive needs, produce, deli, general foods, home decor, candles, clothing, sports and hobbies items & more.”

4.2Good155 Reviews

“Big Rapids Online pick up is great. Everytime I come to get my groceries it's on time and the people are friendly. Especially Junior. He's the most polite customer service employee at Walmart. Greets you with kindness and a smile on his face. Very respectful and good manners. Please give this man a raise! ?”

3.4Good180 Reviews

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