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“New favorite place to shop! Wonderful selection of all natural/farm raised/grown food. They also appear to serve coffee. I have yet to explore that side otlf things. But will try soon. Highly recommend you check this place out!”

4.8 Superb76 Reviews

“A great gas station with smiling faces that are ready to help you with anything you need. If you got questions, they definitely have the answers. This place is filled with drinks and snacks galore! If you’re looking to grab something quick for camping or hunting, this is the spot for you. I don’t personally drink myself, but this ginormous place carries all kinds of beer, wine, and liquor.The female owner is a creative crafter and I am always amazed by the DIY’s she puts out on the front counters. Her spooky haunted trees filled with candy this past Fall were my favorite and I look forward to seeing what she puts out for the holiday season.If you’re looking to refill your propane tanks or gas cans, this is the best place in town with unbeatable prices. Just be sure to call ahead to find out if the propane tank is working. Sometimes the tank will break down out of nowhere and the company that services it can take a bit to get it back up and running.They even have a Krunchy Chicken located on the other side filled with all kinds of savory and salty options. I just had some chicken tenders with Mac-n-cheese the other day that blew my taste buds away. The biscuits are some of the best damn tasty ones I have ever eaten. I didn’t even need any butter or honey, they were delightful on their own.I highly recommend this gas station to anyone, especially if you’re looking for something different.”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“I have a consistently good experience shopping at this store. The cashiers and baggers are friendly and quick. The meat department is excellent and the gentleman at the meat counter went out of his way to help me.”

3.6 Good52 Reviews