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  • "The store employees are nice but when they deliver they aren't friendly. When they tell someone they will be there between a time they are late over an hour"
  • "Overly priced merchandise even if you use the 90 day buy out instead of going the full amount of your rental term which will be twice its orginal price good if your in a pinch and need furniture or electronics and dont have all the cash up front to purchase."
  • "I had a very bad experience with this company and would not recommend them to anyone. Firstly, they explain nothing to you about the way things work just have you fill out the paper work, which I did gave them my social security, proof of address, my license and my most current work tab which was literally two days old. When I left I was told the TV would be delivered between the next day between 3-7. Well the next day not only did they call the references but they didn't declare whom they were and what they wanted nor did they tell me they would be contact anyone. They were extremely rude to my friends I have known for years and then also tried to tell me I didn't own my house that I receive monthly bills for and am on the deed. Not that it was any of their business as long as I provided (which I did three different ways) that I lived there. Then they called my work, which when I apply there for this appliance (which was simply a TV) I told them clearly that I don't want them calling my work it would be unprofessional and that they could have a picture of my bandage as proof of my employment and that was it. They agreed that day that was fine as my check stub was only two days old and they had my badge. Well they called anyways thankfully they reached me and not my boss. Finally I had to just cancel my order with them and take my business elsewhere because when I called to talk with the manager, he was equally rude and dismissed my feelings on the subject. They were discourteous to my friends and I felt they were not upfront about the way they conduct their business, my experience with them for a TV( the cheapest they had for that matter) was unprofessional and not conducted in a way a person working in costume service should conduct themselves. "
  • "Very friendly staff willing to work with you "
  • "Sales manager lies!! On 4/22/2014 I received a electric apartment washer and dryer because my landlord said they would put in 220 for it. ON 4/23 I called and told them to pick it up and get me a gas one so I talked to her and she said that they would pick it up on 4/26 but it would be the following week before the other was in. The manager ordered it on the 29th of April after I called and found out the order was canceled and was told it would be in on the 6th of May. Today I called to find out about it and was told by her I know nothing about it and that I should have called!!"
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