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  • "Absolutely horrible customer service. I sent my wife's engagement ring and wedding band in to be thoroughly cleaned and have them soldered together December 26th and was given a promise date of January 11th for service to be completed and the rings back in our possession. We leave for our destination wedding in Florida on the 17th so I was pleased with the promise date. That's about all I am pleased with. I was contacted around 4:30pm today with "good news and bad news." The good news was that the rings are cleaned and look perfect, the bad news was that they didn't get soldered together like the work order stated. I voiced my displeasure and was told that they could send them back out but couldn't guarantee we'd receive them back before we leave for our wedding. I didn't have time to go to the store as I had to go to work at 5pm so my wife, Kristi, went to see what could be done for us. The manager told her that it was simply human error so he offered her a gift certificate for the inconvenience, which obviously is worth nothing to us. He then said he'd rush the rings to be soldered and claims they'll be able to have them back by the 16th (how can they get the same service done in 6 days that couldn't be properly completed in 16 days?) I spent way too much money to have such a poor level of customer service. I bought her band, engagement ring, and upgraded the diamond all at once. When I originally purchased the rings I signed up for a particular low interest deal in store, but when I got my credit statement they didn't have me signed up for any deal. When I asked the store for help they told me it's out of their hands and I need to talk to Kay Credit. I also took the rings in for their 6 month cleaning and warranty check up in October. One month later I received an email from Kay stating that I had not brought the rings in and was at risk of voiding my warranties. When I asked the store about this and brought them my paperwork proving that I brought the rings in, they brushed it under the rug and called it a simple computer error. I have had issues from the start and absolutely regret my decision of spending such a large sum of money with a company who clearly does not care about their customers. I planned to get another band to double band her engagement ring but will not be doing so as I refuse to spend another penny here. I hope this long, drawn out review makes it up far enough for positive changes to be made with them because as it stands now, Kay Jewelers and all Signet Jewelers Stores have lost our business."
  • "Absolutely awful. Within seconds of entering the store they asked me to fill out an application to see what I could be financed for. This was, as they said it "just to see what I could be financed for." Well, I received a credit card in the mail, which they never stated would happen. I ended up buying the ring from a local jeweler. Will NEVER buy from this company."

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