502 S Ballenger Hwy, Flint, MI 48532

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Most Recent Comments

  • "Love these guys, awesome service, almost always the right side pickup/dropoff isn't in service. Other than that, they're fantastic."
  • "I love the cashiers! The pharmacy should take lessons on politeness from the cashiers. Walgreens has everything and great deals, too. Would've given it 5 stars, but the pharmacy is slow, the workers are rude, and they are slow.. did I mention they're slow???"
  • "This Walgreen staff is much better than a year ago."
  • "I Use the drive thru for prescription pic up and usually get thru in a timely manner"
  • "Staff is usually talking including manager on sales floor, csr atleast 2 are unfriendly, they ask for their point card then don't apply to your account some b ogus account, parking lot is unkept, and more than 5x I've seen people selling their prescriptions in parking lot and/or was approached for money I no longer shop at this location "

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