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“Excellent serviceNice well-respected ownerVery nice staff good neighborhood and cops hang out there food because they know the owner very safe place to shop an excellent prices”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

“I work here I and think myself, my co worker and my boss are wonderful people who care about our customers. We are polite and welcome all of our customers. We love our customers.”

4.5 Superb18 Reviews

“Convenient, carries just about anything you need. Whether it's gas. Lotto, alcohol, smokes, food, travel size toiletries, vapes, basically anything you may need in a pinch, its the spot to go. Open 24 hours, so no matter what, I know I can count on them being open. Being a regular, they pretty much know what I'm getting and/or need. So if it's something behind the counter I need, generally they have ready for me or ask if I need. Work 3rd shift and need something to eat on your break, in an emergency besides candy or chips, no problem, they have something hot to eat. Or at the very least something you can warm up later. Deli subs, salads, fruit cups, shoot, even ice cream, they got it. The staff is great, welcoming, and I can't say have ever been rude or disrespectful towards me or anyone else for that matter. Honestly, to me, being able to get in and pull out of parking lot or gas pumps easily no matter what time of day, is something that is high on my list for places to stop at. Great place, great people. I recommend”

4.8 Superb12 Reviews

“This is the gas spot! Cheap unleaded, and E85's cheap too! No price hike on it here ? they've got friendly and helpful customer service representatives and those David's cookies ???? sooo yummy”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“Go there just to use their ATM machine because it only costs $2.50 to get your cash off your card & you can get multiples of $5's, instead of having to get multiples of $20's like most ATM machines are”

3.9 Good79 Reviews

“They sell liquor, liquor is good. Unless you're an alcoholic like my mommy and daddy, then liquor is bad and you can't buy it but don't worry because there is a bottle in daddy's underwear drawer so he won't run out.”

3.8 Good33 Reviews

“Everything is great here. Just ,!!! ONE BIG !!!! problem Bathrooms. Have to be addressed we asked who cleans the bathrooms and if someone can clean the at 8 pm the night before. They had poop in the men's bathroom my boyfriend said. So we come here today and he said it's still in there and it is 5:14 pm the next day. So we asked again who cleans the bathrooms a new lady said girls clean the girl and guys clean the guys so if no guy is here on that shift they don't get cleaned THIS is INSANE everyone should be able to CLEAN the bathrooms. Regardless of gender whoever is working should Have to MANDATORY CLEAN THE BATHROOM AND HAVE A EVERY 3 TO FOUR HOUR CHECK ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ LIST TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE GETTING CLEANED CORRECTLY !!!!!!!!!!! now everyone and everything else is GREAT. Just the bathrooms need a new. Cleaning schedule ASAP !!!”

3.9 Good22 Reviews

“Very nice people, customer service is great don’t have to wait more than 4 minutes. Elias’(owner) kids are very nice and respectful, always tell jokes and keep you in a great mood!”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“Always friendly, always answer calls if you need to check on stock, a great selection of drinks, and snacks and some essentials! Love stopping in here on way home form work!”

3.7 Good33 Reviews

“They added a gas station so this is definitely a one stop shopping experience get gas,liquor candy and relos chips etc nice addition is the $1 dollar Atm thats available”

4 Good13 Reviews

“I like this location because they have an ATM that doesn’t charge a fee for my debit card from my credit union and the store is always very clean and they have great people working there.”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“Love that you can pull up and get what you need, being disabled this helps me for sure. All the girls and guys are nice and get the job done. We need one of these in Burton ?”

4.3 Superb7 Reviews

“I go there for Tender Bones!! It's a family ran bbq stand that has the absolute best rib tips in town!! They also have award winning wings, Cedric the owner has gotten several trophies from different local "taste -fests", I'm not sure which ones. My family and I go at least once a least! Check them out, look for the big yellow food truck! You won't be disappointed.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“Fast friendly affordable in always go above the Call of Duty to make sure every customer is happy no matter how picky they are or how polite they're not.. just want to say thank you for making all of her life easier to the staff during this pandemic”

4.6 Superb5 Reviews

“Teresa and Doreen are good managers! It's really hard on employees though. Very busy all the time with no real breaks. The upper management won't give them the hours to staff properly. It forces them to work alone during busy times. It can be stressful at times. The people that work there are awesome. They do their very best. You should pay the employees better.”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“Always super friendly, with an extremely welcoming environment!! Could use a Store Upgrade as they are always busy but other than that I would highly recommend!! (Gas slightly higher at times)”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“The only store I've ever physically went to over here on my side of town that will come out of their pocket if I'm short some change they try to help people as much as they can I always repay them but sometimes I might be 50 cents to a dollar short and they let me slide every time I wouldn't say go in there asking for a handout but they don't mind helping people like I said they will even come out of their pocket and throw change in the drawer if they're short”

3.6 Good14 Reviews

“Right off the eway so if you need to jump off and gas up and jump back on it's convenient and if you're from the area you know the secret to turn right and go straight at that 3 way stop at the corner light if your coming from the east going towards the north and wanting to go to the interstate but the light is red.”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“Not sure which one you're talking about because I shop at two different ones. The one closest to me on Dort/Davison, I only go to for snacks and such. I refuse to get my prescriptions there, as a few years ago the pharmacist treated me so bad I moved to another pharmacy and then back to Walgreens but now I go to the 24-hour one across town generally for prescriptions only. I have to hop in my wheelchair and catch two buses across town, but they treat me a lot better there than they do at the one closest to me which is sad. Oh well it is what it is.”

3.4 Good25 Reviews

“I've never been in a gas station that had such nice, personable staff members before. The team members greet every person who walks in and are very helpful if you have a question or need help finding something.”

3.3 Good47 Reviews

“I fill up less often using Sunoco gas. The car I drive requires regular unleaded. My car drove further per gallon than from cheaper places. So, I'm happy. I continue to fill up here.”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“My #1 place for gas, snacks and slushies. It there is a Speedy out because the sandwiches are Delicious....and made to order.....did you read that , yes....made to order ANY way you request it to be made.Can't go wrong when you give instructions on how you want your food prepared. ??”

3.4 Good15 Reviews

“I got a large fountain drink with ice and the best part of that is they have the large styrofoam cups for the fountain drinks and your drink stays cold a lot longer in a styrofoam cup with a lot of ice.”

3.3 Good18 Reviews