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“Awesome people working there today! The pizza was very good as was the baked potato soup. Very friendly workers. One of them even shared her Oreo cookies with my grandson. ?”

4.2Good58 Reviews

“The gas station has a hometown feel to it and the fuel prices are always the cheapest in town. A gas station/convenient store that is open 24 hours is always great for a small town. They make pizzas and bread sticks during the day and early evening and also have a variety of doughnuts and muffins with fresh coffee all day long. The establishment is always clean and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend...”

3.8Good34 Reviews

“I'm a little new to the area and staying in the neighborhood. I stopped in for some stuff for breakfast and was was taken care if by a younger guy named Anthony or Tony. He was very kind, respectful, and downright cool. It's nice to walk into a business where the help has a smile on their face and actually interested in providing top notch service. I hope his manager understands what a great employee they have working for them. The store was well lit, quite clean and stocked well with a great selection. Since I'm so close to the store I anticipate spending more time and money here. Based on Anthony/Tony's customer service skills I would indeed recommend this store to family and friends.”

3.8Good18 Reviews
4Good1 Reviews

“Seriously love their pizza and cheesy bread. I can't believe I waited this long to try them! Easily the best pizza place in the area. Very reasonable prices and loaded toppings.”

3.5Good56 Reviews

“Stop in for fuel or some lottery, and perhaps you might be the next lucky customer to purchase a winning Club Keno ticket worth $20,000 like some unknown customer did on January 15, 2020.”

3.4Good35 Reviews

“I was in Meijer in Greenville today and picked up a package of pork steak. The top steak looked really good. There were three steaks in the package. The top two were acceptable but the one on the bottom was not acceptable. I’m appalled that Meijer meat people would package this slice of meat. Did they think that all that fat would permanently disappear if they hid it? I thought Meijer standards were higher than this. Do any meat department managers or store managers want to explain what happened and if I have to go elsewhere to find quality meat?”

3.4Good35 Reviews

“Thank you for stocking CEPACHOL mouthwash!! Please stock more of it. I absolutely hate Listerine, and will never buy it. When i lived in Ohio, I had to go to CVS Drug store to get it, as Kroger and Walgreens there did not stock it. Since there are no CVS close by, i am counting on you to carry it!!!”

1.9Poor53 Reviews

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