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“Brought our boat here last Fall for winterization and Chett was awesome.Needed some guidance this summer on an issue we were having with motor and Chett spent a good amount of time walking through everything I needed to look at and check out to find the potential issue.Great business and even better people!!!”

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“Its a small "party store". Essentially you can write it up as a gas station, but without the gas, and with a larger selection of liqueur. Its got your basics of lottery, alcohol (beer, some wine, and hard liqueur like vodka, gin, whiskey, etc), and your basic foodstuffs if youre around but dont want to drive all the way to Jackson to go to Walmart. Convenience has a higher price tag but compared to gas cost to drive all the way to the next town for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, its not a bad option. The owner, Ron, is also a pretty laid back guy and from what I hear, is pretty good to work for. Overall, its a small in and out corner store in the middle of a nowhere town but saves you a trip to Jackson or Jonesville and the stuff you can get here is just like everywhere else (though limited in stock)”

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