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“This is the best store! Great employees! Always go above and beyond for their customers! No power= no coffee and no hair and make-up. Can't go in public like that! But a quick call to Lori Franz and she'll bring it right to your car!”

4.3 Superb23 Reviews

“Not as friendly as I remember it once was, but they have almost anything & everything for a quick stop in for an item or so that you can get while pumping gas.”

4.2 Good26 Reviews

“This station has 12 pumps are for making it much more convenient to get in and get out. The store is always clean including the restrooms and the fountain pop area.”

4 Good8 Reviews

“The only car wash I will go to in town. Takes cash or card, Open 24/7, drive through section only, vacuum available in front of the wash! I’ve never had a problem here. If you get gas at the Walmart gas station next to it you can get a car wash ticket at the same time. If you select you want a car wash while getting gas you will get a receipt with a code and you just put that code in at the car wash. So that’s convenient!”

3.5 Good34 Reviews

“I work 3rd shift and this speedway always comes in handy. Tonight I had a large order for some pizza very last minute and the man at the counter was so nice and kept them warm while the rest cooked and went as fast as possible even though you could tell truck had just gotten here and he was busy. I often have similar experiences with a woman at night who’s also great and so friendly!!”

3.3 Good19 Reviews

“Good customer looked good.good selection of various items. Best price on gas. Came in from another county and it was twenty three cents cheaper a gallon at the Admiral Station. Need to work out pricing issues with the reward app.”

3.2 Average13 Reviews

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