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510 Lake Dr, Chanhassen, MN 55317

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  • "Yah it's big but I don't think that's always a good thing. Picked up a 750ml bottle of Bacardi and the cashier commented that is was such a "cute little bottle" Well I guess we're not all lushes buying booze by the gallons. For a big store they had a disappointingly small selection of mixes. A asked one of their beer snob employees if they had Old Milwaukee in bottles. He looked at me like I asked him for a warm bottle of piss and exclaimed "we don't have that" except they do carry OM in the next isle over. Learn your product Dick! I do give them high marks for the environmentally friendly parking lot."
  • "Corporate idiocy! I went in with a friend, with both of us obviously well above legal drinking age, to make a purchase. She left to go to the car while I was standing in line to pay. When my turn came to make my purchase the cashier asked me if my friend was going to get her ID. When I responded "No." he told me he would not sell to me. Like the trained robot that he has become through corporate brainwashing he was incapable of excersizing any common sense. I USED to go there for one item in particular but will never set foot in that store again. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! DO NOT SHOP AT TOTAL WINE!"
  • "This is my new favorite store. They have carts and they accept credit cards. Awesome selection and awesome prices!"
  • "Great prices! Can't be beat! Staff very friendly and informative."
  • "Good selection, so much better compared to Eden Prairie's ABC stores. Handle of Glenlivet 12 was also $10 cheaper there. Nice surprise: I was also able to pick up a bottle of Jelinek 5 year Slivovitz there (admittedly last bottle in stock). I actually didn't expect it would be easily available in MN at all. Can't comment on how knowledgeable their staff is, I know "my stuff" and didn't need staff's help. Had a pleasant quick chat at checkout."

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