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“Huge shout out to Insty Prints of Mankato!This community staple is a great asset to have.Other paper companies really rip your wallet to shreds, make you feel tear-able, overall really ream ya..Instyprints glosses over the bull-sheet.May you remain stationary, here in Mankato!A4 effort, friends!”

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“I came with 3 large heavy boxes, cribs my daughter was returning after closing her daycare. Maddie helped me with these heavy boxes, transporting them and several other less heavy boxes in a light rain. After getting them inside it was determined that the cribs did not have the correct QR code to return and we had to take the cribs back to my truck. Again Maddie took them back without complaint. Excellent customer service as far as I’m concerned.”

3.3Good67 Reviews

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