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“Best Wholesaler in the valley! Excellent customer service. Orders are always always ready on time. A wide selection of items are constantly in stock and they can often order products not easily obtainable in the area.”

5 Superb14 Reviews

“Good basic pizza. Too bad they no longer offer combo. It was the best. It's best to call ahead even if you are just starting shopping, it'll be ready on your way out.”

4.3 Superb32 Reviews

“First state never a line. Maybe 3-4 cars not out on the street a line waiting. You should know be knowledgeable, what side is your tank, pull up so the car behind can pull up, know what direction to turn on your exit, keep your auto space clear allowing autos to exit.”

4.3 Superb30 Reviews

“I order Christmas gift every year from Bounty Foods. Their product is unique and I have never been disappointed with anything new I try. Their Deep Pit Seasoning is a staple in our family's kitchen. Their customer service is fantastic and shipping is as promised. Try them out or go visit, you won't be disappointed!”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“As someone who frequents US Chef Stores along the West Coast, my visit to the Kalispell, MT location left a lasting impression. The sheer size of the building was the first thing that caught my attention, and my initial steps into the store only deepened my positive impression.It was refreshing to be greeted by a display of fresh produce immediately upon entering. This sets the tone for a shopping experience that prioritizes quality and freshness.The freezer section also left a favorable mark, but what truly stood out was the remarkable meat locker. The vast array of meat cuts to choose from left me excited about the culinary possibilities in the near future.I couldn't resist the temptation to purchase two pork tenderloins, especially at the enticing total price of $2.59. While the store had fresh chicken breasts, I did note that Walmart offered a more competitive price per pound in this particular instance. However, it's worth emphasizing that this US Chef Store excelled in terms of beef and pork pricing, which can significantly enhance the overall value for customers.This location is undoubtedly a valuable addition to your list of preferred grocery stores. It's a destination that offers an impressive selection of meats and fresh produce. While I acknowledge the impact of factors like inflation and policies on food costs, as someone familiar with the restaurant supply industry, I share your view that US Chef Stores should strive to be competitively priced, particularly when compared to giants like Walmart and Costco.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“Tire center was awesome. Ordered tires online, said two weeks for appointment. They called me same day as I ordered them and told me they had them in stock and could get me in right away. Then not even two days later I had a flat tire (rock punctured the tire) went in first thing in the morning and they got me in and replaced the tire for free under the road side hazard warranty due to it being too large of a hole to repair safely. No hassle and easy process. Would recommend getting tires here.”

3.9 Good70 Reviews

“You know Costco they can be beat. The Spanish Fork Costco is right up there with all the rest. We love Costco except that you can't get out with just what you came for.”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“You know Costco they can be beat. The Spanish Fork Costco is right up there with all the rest. We love Costco except that you can't get out with just what you came for.”

3.4 Good17 Reviews

“I had a tire problem and the outside air station would not inflate it. A tire center worker was walking by and noticed what was going, I think his name was Will, and had me pull over to the bays and took care of my issue. Very appreciate of the great employee!”

3.5 Good74 Reviews

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