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“Thank you Jasmine for helping me today and being so kind I was confused on car insurance but when you explained it I got to understand what it was and how it works. Thanks Jasmine!!!”

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“Timothy K Brown is, and has ALWAYS been, a fantastic agent. Gets back to me quickly, answers any questions HONESTLY (I've had bad experiences in the past with other insurance agents being dishonest), and doesn't try to force me into anything I'm not interested in. Nothing wrong with asking, but some people go WAY too far after you've made it clear you aren't interested. I can't think of a single time Timothy has disappointed me or left me hanging, which happens CONSTANTLY with other companies these days (never call back, don't answer emails, etc). I wouldn't say I'm a hard customer to please, but many don't measure up anymore. I'm happy to say Tim DOES and then some!! I hate doing reviews but he deserved this one. thanks, Michael Burger”

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“I have used him for years and never had any issues or claims but that changed last week. He took the time to help me and got me a check the Same day as I called him. If you need insurance please go to him as he is the best”

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