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“Carnival of collectables! Why go to Mt. Holly or Philly when you can go to Carnival. Something for everyone. Rare antiques, Vintage, collectables and some retro. If you're not a collector you will be after going here a few times. If you are a collector you will probably be starting another collection. So many varied types of objects with many price ranges.”

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“Really nice people who were helpful with a couple of questions. Had an unplanned couple of hours off this weekend, so we decided to wander down here and take a look. What fun! This is a pretty large warehouse with a lot of vendor stalls, some bigger than others, some pricier than others. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I had a blast looking at everything from antique enamel long-stemmed soup ladles to some um, interesting, um, personal art, to collectibles - I mean, come on, Bionic Woman dolls?! You can find fiesta ware, Pyrex (know the difference between PYREX and pyrex, people), valium glass - wheeeeee!”

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“An absolutely amazing store. It is much bigger than it looks. The treasures inside are undeniable.Extremely friendly staff, very welcoming, and a real trip down memory lane.”

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“This is definitely the store you should not only visit, but support as well. They are what just about every other gun shop is not. They are FRIENDLY, CLEAN, STOCKED and very PROFESSIONAL. Most gun shops I have visited in the South Jersey Area are dirty and run down and the staff is miserable or just don’t have personality. This store is a must.”

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“This is one of my favorite stores in the area. They have a wide selection, such a variety of coins, jewelry, antiques of all kinds, dolls, memorabilia, collectibles, crystal, glassware, you name it. A lot of history in the items here, it brings you back.”

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“Wonderful antique shop with interesting and unique finds! I have gotten some really cute vintage jewelry here that I love and some gorgeous larger pieces. Also I highly recommend their furniture restoration services for wooden furniture that needs some extra love. They just redid a desk for me that was damaged and it looks amazing now! Friendly people and a great place to shop!”

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“I’ve been here once before with my boyfriend and there’s is a ton of stuff to see and look at. They have kids toys to couches and other furniture items. Very small place it seems but they have some good stuff I’m sure you can find that’s different from the rest. I recommend going if you’d want to find something cool!”

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“I cannot say enough about how wonderful Kelly is. I’ve won several auctions and she is so personable, helpful and a joy to work with. Bonus points for loving on my dog.I am delighted to support this generational family run business.”

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