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“I recently became a member here and so far, I've enjoyed that membership. I can definitely see how someone might get carried away here to the point where they're not saving THAT much money - but if you're smart with the items you buy, it's absolutely a steal over the regular grocery stores - especially right now. I've been here three times so far in the past month or so, and each time it's been mostly well stocked, always clean and organized, and the associates I've encountered have been friendly, polite and helpful. I haven't paid much attention to any of the fresh produce, meat etc since I am focused on stocking up on non perishable items in bulk, though we did try their bake shop cookies recently and they were quite good :) Overall, I'm happy with this Sam's so far. The only things I'd change are the cramped parking lot (when it's busy it's tricky driving through here) and the long lines at check out. I do have to give credit though, they have a good amount of self check outs which, when I've been, have all been in working order, and do make checkout faster if you don't mind scanning your own things.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“We decided to use Sam's club to order our Christmas cards this year and paid for expedited 2 day shipping. After 4 days we had yet to receive our order and contacted Sam's club for resolution. We were advised the order was shipped that day and we would receive in a few days. For compensation they emailed us a $10 gift card to use at Walmart. Shipping was $12 and we get compensated with a $10 gift card to buy more things from them? What a horrible resolution to our complaint. However, I wish that was the last of our issues with this order. We received the order today and they shorted us 35 envelopes and spelled our family name wrong on all the cards! I sent them a message advising that we would not be utilizing their services in the future..which is the only thing I can do at this point. So..my original review was one star. However I am changing my review because of the following.I received a professional response via Yelp from a Sam's Club rep apologizing for the issue. I replied to the email trail I had going with their service department also explaining the problems with my delivered order. The rep replied advising I would receive a 100% refund for my order. I am very surprised on how fast their service department worked and was very happy with their proposed resolution. I am used to receiving horrible service from large companies and Sam's Club/Walmart is one of the biggest in the country. I am very impressed and would love if other companies would take as much pride in their service as Sam's club does.”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“4 star just for price... 1 star for everything else. The attendant does zero work. Should be out directing traffic for the people who can't see or read signs and lines. There is 1 way in and out but drives never look. It's a hot mess on the daily”

4.2 Good31 Reviews

“Love Sam's Club but my hips and feet do not like their floors. They really need to do something about the floors. I know they probably won't since they've been like that for years, but those floors kill my hips and my feet. Sam's has everything you could possibly need in bulk, clothes, books, toys and decor. It's a one stop shop! Some prices are a little expensive but the good thing is they do accept coupons. They have cheapest gas prices around too. Many times there's a long line wrapped around the gas station of people just waiting to get gas. Especially during covid... it was insane!”

3.7 Good35 Reviews

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