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“I was visiting family in Shirley, NY for the holiday and we were expecting more family for a lunch gathering. My son makes an amazing grilled chicken recipe but realized he wasn't sure if he had enough gas for his BBQ. I drove to Home Depot five minutes away with his empty tank & practically parked inside the Garden Center - hoping out of my car while employees were surprised where I parked. All I said was "Please! We're having family visit for Christmas Eve, they specifically requested grilled chicken but our BBQ doesn't have enough gas!" Without a question, the cashier, whose booth was almost inside my car, jumped into action calling for urgent assistance with gas tanks. Before I could even close my car door, a young man was on his way with a full gas tank. I don't think my car was in the Garden Center more than 4 minutes and I was on my way back home with the gas. The employees were great - sweet, jumped (really jumped!) into action and had my car and I out of the Garden Center lickity split. They are super heros in my book! Home Depot is lucky to have those employees, and if all their employees are trained like this, your visit would be nothing short of amazing.”

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“I ordered 2 oval matte black closet rods after measuring the distance between the walls myself and when they arrived one was a bit short. (They ask you to measure exact distance between the walls and they'll send the correct length rod) Unfortunately I was off by 1/4" (walls are not plumb) and that meant I got the wrong size rod. I called and they told me they would send another rod whatever length I wanted as long as I paid shipping. I thought that was very fair and the new rod arrived 2 days later and fits perfectly.”

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“I originally went to Tractor Supply today to ensure a gate that I had purchased would be in on time (today) but when I went to the store, I was told that there was a shipping delay and the gate would not arrive for two more weeks. While I am very annoyed at that news, I have to say that the managers John and Lorraine were extremely kind, understanding and did everything they could to make a bad situation just a little better. I appreciate them for their kindness and understanding.”

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“It's a great place! Staff is very friendly and welcoming and there is so much to choose from. This location looks similar to the one from Medford with slight changes. I came here for the cow skeletons and they had 5 when I went. I also they had 5 of the pig skeletons as well. I got two of each and left a happy camper.”

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“Usually we shop at a Home Depot closer to home, but whenever our local store doesn't have an item in stock, this location usually does. The store is clean and the staff is extremely helpful without being condescending. (as a woman, I often find this not to be the case at other Home Depot locations). Specifically Jay and Sal were very helpful. Other employees we walked past either asked us if we needed help or just pleasantly greeted us.”

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“I needed assistance finding a programmable lamp timer. After being directed to two separate aisles and finding nothing, I was asked by a very pleasant man what I was looking for. He immediately took me to the aisle where they were and checked the price for me!His name was Mitch. Have Mitch train some of your younger emploees and you will have people flocking to your store.Lynne”

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“This Lowe's is always clean and tidy, though I don't usually head here for my daily needs. That said, they've got a fantastic selection of items. It's honestly one of the best Lowe's I've been to. You just feel so welcomed every time you walk in. Plus, the discounts are pretty great too. It's always a good experience shopping here.”

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“Today January 30 2024 I was at the Coram Home Depot, I was purchasing electrical materials for my sisters house in rocky point. We were purchasing a lot of materials so I decided to try the pro desk, I was greeted by Maria and Petal who were extremely helpful, they assisted me in opening a pro account for my father and added his military identification for additional discounts. They were both so amazing, nice, professional. Maria assisted my dad with installing the Home Depot app on his iPhone, she scanned his military identification and applied everything into his account, Petal took our order of materials and informed us that because it was over a certain amount she could send it to the bid room. The prices came down and saved us money. We had 3 shopping carts of materials and Petal rang everything quickly and explained that we can now send our future orders in for pricing and possible discounts. Overall I couldn't thank both Maria and Petal for all of their help. I recommend anyone with a small business to go see them at the pro desk at the Coram Home Depot.”

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