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“I was stationed on Lejeune for 12 of my 20 years and then I worked here when I retired for a few years and I quickly grew to understand why USPS employees hate people lol. Never ever thought I would ever work here. Big shout out to Marty if your still working there man”

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“Jtaviah Ball, sorry my Cancer appointments inconvenienced you. The Marines promised to post signs to advise people I would in and out for these appointments but that apparently didn't happen. There was supposed to be another staff member there to cover the office also. I was not there during your visit if which you claim the civilian staff didn't properly identify customers before releasing mail. That's a serious accusation. Unfortunately we live in a society of cancel culture and truth or nuance mean little. Regardless, I hope your next experience is better.”

3.6 Good14 Reviews

“The most inefficient post office l have ever known. Mail is unavailable until 11. 15. This is totally ridiculous. It used to be available at 10 00. I went in recently to purchase a book of stamps. I was told never to come in again with a 20 00 bill. . This is totally ridiculous.”

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“Come here all the time. It’s a small town that’s getting bigger. The carriers are great folks. They’re very respectful and I’ve seen them do lots of things for us in the neighborhood. This post office is underrated, they have a decent selection of packaging materials right there when you walk in. Shipping tape, envelopes, boxes, even a selection of all types of greeting cards. You can just go there and send your mom a card, or your freind a get well card, all from the same place. It’s a small, but very effective organization. I’m very appreciative of their work. Great job.”

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“Came five before close (not my plan) and they were so friendly and helped me with everything I needed. Even played music as the time passed! One of the best experiences I’ve had at a post office”

2.4 Poor83 Reviews

“This is a busy office so we have to actually do our part to call and go online and make sure we have done our part. They do make mistakes as we all do but they're very helpful and ready to fix things.”

1.8 Poor65 Reviews

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