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“Great place to work out. Management is responsive and attentive, customers are polite and friendly. Equipment is adequate and plentiful. I look forward to my workouts.”

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“MADabolic has completely turned around my lifestyle for the better! There's definitely a bit more of a pep in my step these days. Not only do the consistent high intensity workouts naturally energize me, it's the environment too. The team at both South End and Elizabeth locations perform at 100% every class, making it so easy to hype myself up too! The best part - they are SUPER focused on time management and when we show up, we show OUT. With their class plans, I am done with my day by 7pm throughout the week feeling light on my feet and ready for tomorrow.I can confidently say that I live a MADlifestyle now...and for the foreseeable future!”

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“Yes, this Y can get busier in prime time, however you pick your time right and this place is gold. Plus, so many strength training options. Free weights, machines, core, circuit, cardio; wide-open green field. There's so many options to get towards your objective. It's great. Enjoy now, will only get busier as the area gets busier.”

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“We just moved to the area and I haven’t worked out in months so I was very nervous going back to Orange Theory - especially at a place where I know no one. The staff and coaches at Arboretum are so friendly and welcoming! Coach Kayla encourages everyone and pushes those she knows need it. I love the sense of community they seem to have built there. For anyone questioning whether they should give it a try, do it!”

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“I joined BBT about two weeks ago and I am already hooked. After more than 10 years of being primarily sedentary I knew I needed some expert assistance on my health journey. From the Coaching staff to the other members, each person has been a true blessing to me. I feel encouraged, I feel supported and I feel like I can finally do this (the "this" being loose weight while developing healthy and consistent habits) with the BBT family. I truly thank God for ya'll! HE knew this is what I needed!”

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“I’m visiting from Germany and just did a drop in at Ultimate Crossfit. I had a really great time, all members were so welcoming and the WOD was fun. Mie the coach was also great she explained the WOD gave scaling options and pointed out what‘s important and was always present and supporting. The affiliate has a great size and everything you need. If i come back to Charlotte i will definitely come back here! Thank you so much for having me!”

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“I really can’t speak highly enough about my experience with 9Round so far. The supportive staff (especially Jake!) are fantastic. No 2 workouts are the same, and they can be easily adjusted to your skill level. I’d highly encourage anyone and everyone to give them a try!”

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“I came to CrossFit with no experience. The idea of CrossFit intermediated me, but from the second I walked through the door at CrossFit ATP, I felt welcomed by Wade and other members. The fantastic coaching staff will help you modify workouts to your skill level. They will ensure you perform lifts correctly to get the maximum benefit without hurting yourself. If you’re looking for a challenging workout with a great community, this is your place!”

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“I see all the effort and dedication Amy and her team put into this place.9Round has changed my life (no exaggeration). I have observed such a great increase in my mental and physical health! I am stronger inside and out.There are no class times so you can join whatever round is available at the moment! Perfect for busy lives! The workout also changes everyday so there’s no way you’ll ever get bored!There’s one-on-one practice to not only burn lots of calories but also work on your technique! The gym and equipments are clean and updated. The music makes you want to break your own records.I’ve joined in February (so it’s been 8 months) and the improvement on my body aesthetically speaking is undeniable and visible to everyone around me. Muscles are toned, fat percentage was drastically reduced.I am absolutely grateful and always will be! I recommend 9round to all my friends, family and as many people as I possibly can!They really deserve to change their relationship with their own bodies and minds. Cardio does not have to be boring anymore. It doesn't have to be a burden! That's what I want for all of them!I thank you greatly for your work!”

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“Best lifting gym in Charlotte! Has everything you need, whether you're new to lifting or have been competing for years. Great vibes, the owners are cool, and if you get the coaching you'll be learning from some of the best lifters in the world. I also highly recommend checking out the boxing side of the gym.Fair warning, it gets pretty hot in the summer. You'll sweat a lot, but at least it looks like you're working really hard”

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“For the first time in my life I'm not overweight.I've tackled fitness a few different ways. Effort was never my problem however having an non-athletic body type, I accepted I would always look the same. Nothing has been more consistent and kept me more accountable than 9Round. Craig is highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and will be the first one to push you when you’re starting to slack. The rest of the trainers want to see you succeed and do a fantastic job at keeping the workouts fresh and challenging.Sign up and inform yourself on some basic nutrition, keep with it and you’ll become obsessed with pushing yourself.”

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3:30 - 7:30PM 11AM - 1PM 6 - 9:45AM

1412 East Blvd
9Round - Dilworth Gyms

“The programming is interesting and Shannon is the best trainer I’ve worked with in 24 years of fitness. She strikes the perfect balance of encouraging the newbies like me and pushing the veterans to achieve goals.Shannon makes hard work fun!”

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“I recently joined Orangetheory Fitness, and it has been an incredible fitness journey so far. The staff's warm and friendly demeanor make me feel right at home and the workouts have made me feel stronger and more passionate about my fitness goals!”

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“Hands down, best choice I have made training at Burn Bootcamp Pineville. SUPER friendly team who makes me want to wake up each morning and get a workout in. I love the personal attention I receive in a group setting. I train here about 5 days a week and the environment and trainers are consistent and positive and the workout is always challenging. Besides the workouts being fun, the fellow members are inspiring.”

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“Love working out here! The team and members are so welcoming and really help to push you to become your healthier self! Finally found a workout routine that I enjoy and see results from!”

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“This place is pretty quaint, but has everything you need to get a workout in. I've been to other anytime fitness locations that have less equipment, but this one has all you need and more. Very clean, machines are maintained, and you can find paper towels and spray to wipe down after you're done. It doesn't get too crowded and everyone seems to keep to themselves for the most part. I highly recommend this place, especially because it's 24 hours”

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“I am so happy I found this place and my way back to CrossFit! I took a hiatus from CF from 2019-2022 and was super nervous to return after my previous longtime gym closed.I can't brag enough about the coaching staff. There is a ton of emphasis on form and all of the coaches dedicate 1:1 time to each class attendee. Coaches are always willing to provide modifications depending on your needs and have cultivated a genuinely supportive and judgement-free environment.I'm still getting to know folks who attend other class times but there is a strong sense of community here.Lastly (this is a big one for me) - the facility has HVAC! I toured a number of others gyms that didn't have HVAC and that was an automatic no for me.”

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5:15 - 7:30AM 9:30 - 10:30AM 12 - 1PM 4:30 - 7:30PM

215 Southside Dr
Crossfit Mecklenburg Gyms

“Excellent gym! Dropped in and had a great experience. The owner and coach is super laid back and easy going. Felt very welcome and it was easy to have fun! Got great tips on technique and overall had a great workout. Thanks for having me :)”

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“I love that it’s different everyday! The coaches are great and push you in a way that is kind, not like a drill sergeant. I see myself pushing my body more and more, whether it’s lifting heavier weights, rowing harder, or running at faster paces.”

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“I mean, I could just let the pictures do the talk. Truly, it does have everything that anyone could need to reach their fitness goals, no matter what they might be.”

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12 - 1PM 7 - 8AM 4:30 - 8:30PM

7812 Tyner St
CrossFit Eternal Gyms

“Could not recommend this place enough...the best gym I have found by far!! The people, coaches, workouts, and community is everything you could ask for! Heart broken when I had to move away and leave this place!!”

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“The energy of this box is out of this World! The music is fire, the community is very competitive and welcoming. The training has helped me become a way better Crossfitter and the journey never ends. QC Fit is home.”

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“I joined Orange Theory 3 months ago in my hometown and have since become a regular at the Midtown location in Charlotte, NC. Nikki, Erin, Gisselle, and Cara have all been wonderful, caring, and highly motivating instructors each and every class I’ve attended. The trainers all have their unique talents and creativity they bring each class. Furthermore, Kate and the rest of the front desk, sales/service team have been great to work with, and I love how they all know everyone on a first name basis. I would recommend Orange Theory to anyone in their fitness journey, especially the great team at the Midtown branch!”

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“Hands down the best trainer in the Charlotte area. Mr Dunn offers flexible scheduling and very affordable pricing. He is patient and motivating. Super friendly and fun environment. He offers group sessions and 1:1 sessions also. You will see results!!”

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“It is great here. I love the coaches and the wingers they bring to each class. I always leave their feeling like I accomplished something, even on those days that I didn’t feel like walking through those doors. I enjoy my classes.”

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“I love everything about Iron Tribe. The trainers, the encouragement and the feeling that you are part of something unique! Give it a try. Day 1 is Day 1 whether today or New Years Day!!”

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“I love going to spemga! You get a full body workout and Yesh I’m talking drenched in sweat! Then the finisher with yoga to bring you back to your calm zone! 10/10”

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“Long overdue review- CFJ was an amazing place to workout and be a part of. I relocated to the area in 2018 and waited about a year before diving back in to a local box. Coach Brent and his staff are amazing and welcoming. After no less that 15 months off restarting was a challenge. My 5am/530am group was like family. 2020 really threw a loop in all of it but the Coaches kept up the programming and provided home workouts. I had to leave early 2021 to relocate, again. But if you’re ever in the area- drop in. You’ll be happy you did!”

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5:00 AM - 11:00 AM 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

514 E 15th St #3321
Heroic Fitness Gyms

“Coach Kyle is my hero. He’s the coach I’ve worked with the most. I’ve been going to the gym at 5 am 3 days a week. He has kept me motivated and modified the exercises to fit my level of training. I’m in my fifties but I work out with men/women of various ages/levels of exercises. I travel a lot and am motivated to work out even while I’m traveling. This team both coaches and members motivate each other and the energy is always on 10. I thank this family for my life change and the start of my new healthier life.”

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“Maybe my favorite workout experience ever. I loved that all I had to do what show up and the workout was planned for me. Delaney, the trainer, was knowledgeable and motivating. I always enjoyed the workout and left feeling great. It was so fun and effective! Highly recommend”

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