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“The owners of Scrappy’s are a sweet and kind couple. I’ve rented U Haul trucks from them a few times. Their equipment is clean and ready to go. I would definitely recommend them for your transport needs. You can also get fuel and fill your belly while you’re there. Great people”

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“The last paragraph explains why they only get four stars. They have a lot of things that most convenience stores do not have.Yes they have cola and Candy chips etc but they also have brownies chocolate oatmeal cookies cream horns etc.They of course have lottery as well as cigarettes and cigars. In the summer they often have those large just off the vine tomatoes from local farmers. You know the kind I'm talking about,the kind where you make a tomato sandwich and you bite into it and the juice squirts all over your mouth and outside your mouth and runs down your chin.Truckers are welcome as they have a large parking place for them.It's never really crowded, at the most you'll see maybe four or five people in line yet they do have steady amount of customers.If you are traveling south on highway 221 it is a convenient turn just off the highway.If you need a loaf of bread, box of crackers milk etc they have it.They also have old VHS original videos as well as DVDs sometimes..NOTE THEY DO NOT HAVE GAS.Overall it's a decent place and the staff are great but there are at times the select rednecks that sit in the back of the store and make rude comments about people. #Business #lottery #cigarettes #cigars #candy #cola #vegetables #trucking #trucker #truckers”

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“I'm a big fan of the drop-in with a Marathon gas. In fact I like Marathon gas stations ever since when I needed water badly, they have water on the islands.”

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“Chicken BETTER than KFC, Best Bar-B-Que in the world.If you come at 12:00 p.m. you might as well get ready to wait in line, usually they'll be a bunch of factory and construction workers getting their chicken barbecue macaroni potato wedges or their flawless spaghetti.Most of the staff are great. ALL of the kitchen crew are fantastic. They also have great desserts.The restaurant is located within the convenience store it is usually crowded. The gas across the street is cheaper yet they still have a lot of people in there getting petroleum for the cars.I have the usual things of convenience stores including beer Pepsi Coca-Cola mountain dew etc.They have oatmeal chocolate cookies potato chips etcThey have lottery tickets and slot machines and cigarettes.Drop in number one has existed since 1980 and is a favorite among many people.#cookies #pepsi #mountaindew #chicken #barbeque #taterwedges #lottery #beer #northcarolina #convenientstore”

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“Been a good place over the years.Owners:Please consider putting bigger signs out to indicate where the diesel fuel point is.I came by with a dodge 3500 and a 25 foot trailer. I had to circle the property in order to figure out where the diesel pumps were. I would have been able to avoid passing through a congested area if I could’ve seen it from a distance. Additionally, there was someone at the diesel pumps at the time, which blocked my view of the pumps. Thus, visibility of the pump itself was completely obscured. Had there been larger, more clearly red signs, I could’ve seen it from a distance and adjusted my approach so as to cause less congestion and it would be less stressful for drivers needing to service their vehicles with diesel.”

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“Usually the tops. Everyone goes there. Steady flow and often crowded. Get gas and use the CLEAN toilet. Convenient off highway 74. Need smokes??? they got them. #cigarettes Also a good variety of CBD #cbd . Beer #Beer Cola, candy, and friendly people. They got the slots in a semi private setting. Get your lottery tickets here and has a #ATM”

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“Me and my son stop here EVERYDAY after school..!! And I usually STOP in the mornings when I drop him off at school..!! He LOVES their hot chocolate..!! I love their ice.!! Staff is always very nice and helpful!! Love this place!!”

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“Nate little convenience store. Not much to choose from but stop with what they do offer. Soft drinks but no cans, cigarettes, beer, chips, candy bars, roll-your-own cigarette supplies, and lottery tickets, and that's the gist of it. No gas and they do not take EBT. But as far as a quick trip to the store I believe they got you. Store is clean and employees are friendly.”

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“Love this little store. Thankful we have it nearby. We don't have many options on this end of the county. I go here about everyday. Owners and employees treat you like family.”

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