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“It was ok, not much to look at compared to the other Food Lions I been to. This day, some blonde hair woman tried to trick me into taking two gift cards that hasn't even been activated, gave them to the cashier after I asked if they have any value but she said no they don't. Thankfully, I was right not to trust that woman. She almost tried to get me in trouble.”

4.4 Superb42 Reviews

“It has great stuff at wonderful prices!!! I just grabbed a box of Mac & cheese for $1.50. And a box of nut bars w/ chocolate and Dr salt $2.50 and a $1.00 bag of pastashios salt and pepper nuts.”

3.9 Good56 Reviews

“Everything was neat. Only thing I wish was that more full service lines we're open. Don't care for self checkout bc I watch Alot of stealing going on. It's sad!!!! Need more people this day and time that wanna work.”

3.4 Good58 Reviews

“Do you not want a garden but Walmart garden supply, I mean compost potting soil or the garden soil it won't hold water. I got 7 bags of soil form them and it's like it is wrapped in plastic it won't get wet. I water till it ponds on top and it's dry underneath what's up with that, I just wanted my money's worth and this isn't it. I can wait on the next coming of Noah and it would probably still be dry. You can't have a garden in this stuff.”

2 Poor1 Reviews

“This Dollar General is the only one you need. I love the people. Tony,Taylor,and Stephanie are awesome they always make you feel welcome and always helpful. I would recommend this Dollar general over the rest of them.”

2.1 Poor8 Reviews

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