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“Great staff. Always attentive. Good deals and great selection of stogies yo. Good hot food cases and that spicy meat pizza is the shizznat. Bam! It's crazy fresh.”

4.1 Good7 Reviews

“I love the customer service there especially from one of the employers I don’t even know her name but she has Betty Boo eyes her and James I has good customer service I’m going back and I won’t forget to get her name”

3.5 Good25 Reviews

“I messed up today and put $10 on pump 3, but it shouldve been pump 4. The staff were incredibly helpful and fixed the problem for me right away even though it was my mistake. They are always really nice & fast. The fresh made food is good too, i like to get a bagel there on my way to work.?”

3 Average12 Reviews

“?????I was on my way to get some gasoline and notice that this store only had a 2.2 rating I have no idea why the lady that help me with everything I needed it was very courteous kind and everything are good girls. Would be her name is Pam if you ever need anything you definitely want to stop here for any of your fuel needs as well as snacks and other Refreshments conveniently located off of Interstate 480 exit 91 tell him that the coach sent you.?? +1.(347) ZAR-LINO”

2.6 Average15 Reviews

“I love coming to this circle k except when one employee is working. Majority of the staff is beyond kind and always in good moods, they know what the regulars want without asking. Always clean and always well stocked.I would’ve rated 5 star if it wasn’t for their insanely rude and unkind employee, her name starts with an a, it’s a unique name. She is always on her cell phone talking, doesn’t speak to the customers except with attitude. She went as far as to get snippy and correct a customer who was buying chewing tobacco because he asked for a certain chew and she said to him “just so you know, it’s called snuss. “ but said it in a nasty rude tone. She acts like you’re a major inconvenience if you have to go to her register and will sit on her phone and just direct people to self checkouts unless she absolutely has to check them out and then is rude and on her phone the entire time. I thought maybe she was having a bad day the first time I encountered her since all the other employees are so outwardly kind but I’ve had to unfortunately go in there a few more times with her there and each time is worse with her attitude and sheer laziness. I’m to the point I may find another gas station if she’s going to be there often.Other than her; the rest of the employees are absolutely amazing and they alone deserve 5 stars!”

2.6 Average40 Reviews

“This Sheetz appears quite small in contrast to others in the area. It also seems to be suffering from the same inconvenience as many others, no employees being present at or paying attention to the registers. There were employees that could be heard conversing toward the back room but no attention being paid to customers in the store. They must assume that every customer is going to use or be able to use the self checkout. Over all the store and lot were clean which can not be said for some others in the area which was a plus but the lack of customer awareness was a let down.”

2.3 Poor44 Reviews

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