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“My car sat for over a week with no way to get anyplace until I found Mike on google .. he did a super job and was super good price!Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“I've been taking my 2000 Cherokee and 2005 Camry to Mike for over 10 years and never had a bad experience. I've dealt with a lot of mechanics since getting my first car in 1969, and in my opinion Mike is the best of them. He's always been very competent, honest, helpful and easy to work with. I feel fortunate to have such a good mechanic. They can be hard to find.”

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“Review from Marshall. Greenup.Honest and to the point. Helpful and courteous mechanics. Ball joint replacement for 2000 Toyota Tacoma was done quicker than the estimated time. It's difficult to find a good repair shop these days. These guys are good.Service: Steering & suspension repair”

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“Customer Service, Job One! I recently purchased a classic MB, aka money pit at the prompting of my daughter who would rather have a classic than a new car. Fortunately for me, this 78 Benz, is a lot less than most new cars. The challenge of course, is finding a trusted mechanic(s) and parts distributor for hard to find, parts. Enter MBZ. I googled, I connected and although I did not have an immediate order, the team at MBZ treated me as a repeat customer and went above and beyond by providing referrals for specialized service in my State, not theirs. I'm in touch w their recommendations and will cherry be ordering my specialized parts from MBZ. Kudos to the team at MBZ!”

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“I received what I would and do consider very good service from Paul, Bob and Chris. They replaced a worn out Rochester for me at a reasonable price. At the same time I asked them to replace my master cylinder and vacuum booster. Being a much older car some parts were hard to find so I was offered alternatives and was upgraded. With a mild cam I was not getting enough vacuum and installed a canister and electric vacuum pump. So far I am very pleased with the upgrades and, though I didn't want to modify a mostly original vehicle, I am sure it will increase my enjoyment overall.For your classic car needs I recommend them first.Services: Brakes”

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