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“All the girls are polite. Like anywhere, somethings r cheaper...somethings r more but I love that they are open til 10 being so close to my house...I really appreciate the fact that they normally have 2 people working and u don't have to wait for the lone employee to come wait on u cuz they have to stock an mop while they wait on multiple random people at anytime cuz their owners r too cheap to keep their customers as well as employees happy”

4.3Superb45 Reviews

“I found everything that I was looking for, and everything was easy to find even though I had only been to this particular location a few times in the past. The store was nice and clean and the cashier was very kind and friendly. She even went in the back to get a cheaper item for the customer that was in front of me in line. I always forget about this particular location for some reason, but I will definitely be stopping here more often.”

4.4Superb19 Reviews

“The asst manager who was working this morning is an absolute gem! I'll be sure to get his name next time in order to mention it. He's such a treat, very pleasant and helpful. I live very close and go there often and I enjoy his presence in the store. Great hire! God bless you Mr asst manager ??”

4.3Superb27 Reviews

“This is actually one of the nicest dollar stores in the area and everywhere else I've been. Great friendly employees and every customer seems very friendly. Well done you can tell the employees are kind and helpful it rubs off into the customer Thank you”

4.2Good45 Reviews

“This was the first Dollar General I've ever been in and I have to say they had a surprisingly broad selection of items...something I didn't expect. I had a preconceived idea of what a "dollar store" was, and it was way-off. Instead of passing them by, give them a try.”

4.2Good44 Reviews

“Love the staff.. Super friendly and helpful.. Great variety. Clean. And the kitty thats always outside is so sweet but she does have a home just hangs out there.”

4.1Good53 Reviews

“I really love it here. The associates are so nice. The store is very well put together actually. It was very busy but it was awesome because I found everything I needed. I can't wait to go back.”

4Good62 Reviews

“Dollar Tree is a dangerous place to go if you are sticking to a shopping list. Especially towards seasonal items where it seems like you always find something you were not planning on buying. Frozen foods is very mixed in terms of value and quality. But I usually find something - frozen and shelf stable - that i want. Understaffed and the manager is not a nice person. They were also baffled at my manufacturer coupon for some popcorn.All in all though I like this store and will continue to shop there whenever I am in the neighborhood.”

4Good36 Reviews

“Very nice convenient store all workers are very helpful good place to go to do your last moment shopping you can buy eggs milk chips bread cheese noodles canned foods.”

3.9Good49 Reviews

“Nice cheap place to shop could be cleaner most of the places have a distinctive smell... and when you visit there you'll know what I mean other than that good place to shop for your money..”

3.9Good64 Reviews

“They are ok. Their management is good but some of their employees are another story. But all in all, their a good store. It would be better if they would be a little bit bigger.”

3.8Good36 Reviews

“Usually very pleased with this store and staff. However today (5/04) was there and very disappointed that the clerk at the checkout did not have a mask. If all customers must wear a mask - so should the personnel.”

3.8Good49 Reviews

“It's a dollar general. I have say that they are like weeds. They're poppinhnup all over the place. Too many if you ask ne. As a business model, good move, but getting tired of seeing them everyplace.”

3.8Good58 Reviews

“Theresa's a young lady there with red hair. An absolute pleasure. Makes me want to come back on her shift. She was so helpful and genuinely enthusiastic. Her energy was amazing!”

3.6Good51 Reviews

“Dollar General is a great dollar store. Lots of food and household items. It's a great place to make a quick stop if you only need a few items. Employees are friendly and helpful!”

3.5Good69 Reviews

“This is a newly developed store on the outskirts of Johnstown City that suffers from long wait times and loud atmosphere. Usually because of the patrons that shop here. Nice store but I've never been able to get in and out without any problems.”

3.3Good79 Reviews

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