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“Good quality meat and cheese at the deli with reasonable prices. Top notch customer service. Such friendly employee, super helpful as well. Store spacing has improved to make certain areas easier to access. Nice updates, making the store look modern. Good sales and new products. Grab your cart before you go into the store. Carts are outside now. If you want you can use a self check out.looks like they will have fresh roasted chicken soon.”

4.8Superb306 Reviews

“Aldi is a great supper market. We shop there often. Clean,constantly stocking,pricing good,Excellent Mgr. Staff, good cashiers and the majority of the floor staff friendly and helpful. I would like to recommend you visit ALDI for an overall good experience .Hope you find the trip to the store with many options as nice as I did.David”

4.6Superb112 Reviews

“Conzattis is amazing took us 2 hrs to get there but worth it..they have everything.Olive bar is amazing along w cheeses..pasta salads and their stuffed pepper soup is yummmmy..worth the trip”

4.4Superb146 Reviews

“It is always clean. The meat always looks fresh. The prices are a little expensive. The bakery is the best. I order my cakes from there & am always happy with the taste.”

4.3Superb127 Reviews

“Some of the nicest people I know!! They have just about anything you could need and their prices are great. I love going there just to see the workers. They call my family the hoodie family since my daughter and I always have a hoodie on!!”

4.5Superb35 Reviews

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“West end choiceWhole Turkey mesquite with lettuce, pickles, Tomatoes, hot bananna peppers, crushed red pepper flakes, salt & pepper.??No grissel or bs just smacking”

4.3Superb35 Reviews

“This is actually one of the nicest dollar stores in the area and everywhere else I've been. Great friendly employees and every customer seems very friendly. Well done you can tell the employees are kind and helpful it rubs off into the customer Thank you”

4.2Good45 Reviews

“This was the first Dollar General I've ever been in and I have to say they had a surprisingly broad selection of items...something I didn't expect. I had a preconceived idea of what a "dollar store" was, and it was way-off. Instead of passing them by, give them a try.”

4.2Good44 Reviews

“Love the staff.. Super friendly and helpful.. Great variety. Clean. And the kitty thats always outside is so sweet but she does have a home just hangs out there.”

4.1Good53 Reviews

“Needed a birthday cake the same day, super helpful staff made it happen on the spot. The girl made it, decorated it and we were on our way. Cake was good. Thanks”

4Good75 Reviews

“Very nice convenient store all workers are very helpful good place to go to do your last moment shopping you can buy eggs milk chips bread cheese noodles canned foods.”

3.9Good49 Reviews

“Nice cheap place to shop could be cleaner most of the places have a distinctive smell... and when you visit there you'll know what I mean other than that good place to shop for your money..”

3.9Good64 Reviews

“Usually very pleased with this store and staff. However today (5/04) was there and very disappointed that the clerk at the checkout did not have a mask. If all customers must wear a mask - so should the personnel.”

3.8Good49 Reviews

“This is a nice market giant eagle. It always has whatever I want in just about any recipe I follow. The store is very clean and has a modern look. There is even an Ace Hardware and a Somerset Bank & Trust inside this Giant Eagle. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable of their store. Thank you for the great variety and nice and friendly staff.”

3.9Good131 Reviews

“It's a dollar general. I have say that they are like weeds. They're poppinhnup all over the place. Too many if you ask ne. As a business model, good move, but getting tired of seeing them everyplace.”

3.8Good58 Reviews

“I order pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinners every year from Giant Eagle and deliver them to local families in the area through a benefit that I do in memory of my husband...The price increased a bit this year and messed up the budget a little bit so I asked the manager Nick if there was anything he could do. He is donating a gift card to cover the increase!!!! I shop here often personally but will shop here more often now!!! Thank you Nick!!!!”

3.1Average15 Reviews

“Robert from Bakery is so kind!! The very definition of “service with a smile”! Told me all about the deals going on, and the cake looks wonderful! Thanks again, 5/5 stars!”

3.8Good108 Reviews

“Dollar General is a great dollar store. Lots of food and household items. It's a great place to make a quick stop if you only need a few items. Employees are friendly and helpful!”

3.5Good69 Reviews

“I was surprised at this Broad Street store. It has lots of things other stores don't have. The produce is fresh and reasonable. The frozen food section is enormous. You will find things that are high priced like many stores but the savings is well worth the visit.I've been going to this store for over 6 months now. You can imagine my surprise when I went to check out and they asked me if I wanted a gas or food credit. I happily went home $29.00 richer because I had been using their giant eagle card. It nót only gets you discounts but accumulates points to save you money. I love this store. Btw.... Bathrooms are availableWhen it snows here all the other supermarkets are sold out but not Giant eagle because they have their warehouses here. I make out so well and it always surprises me at the discount I get at the register $41 this time. I'm beginning to shop in this store before others. They do what a grocery store supposed to do. When I go in the store I look for the bargains and I get them here. I've shopped in other stores for beef because they are a little expensive here but they're trying. That's why I gave it five stars because I'm 72 and they always help me. The store itself needs to get more workers because these people are overworked they're not grouchy they're tired. I like this store and people that work here.”

3.6Good115 Reviews

“This is a newly developed store on the outskirts of Johnstown City that suffers from long wait times and loud atmosphere. Usually because of the patrons that shop here. Nice store but I've never been able to get in and out without any problems.”

3.3Good79 Reviews

“Very polite people and atmosphere Employees working with what there delt trying to make A Buck$. There Meat worker had bad new's I believe its cancer. . So Wish him A Fast recovery ⭐??”

3.4Good110 Reviews

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