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“I want to post this in reviews, it won't let me? Above & Beyond review Christinas Ltd clothing shop Westerly:I am local about 20 mins away. My husband & I decided to spend a rare night out. We went to the United in Westerly for an Improv show. Oooph… I was freezing we all know the effect of a nice summer evening & then you hit the A/C. Hence, I had 2-3 minutes to find a “sweater” before the show started. I ran out of the theatre & into one of the ONLY shops open; Christinas on the corner. IMO, I somewhat rudely ran into the store & said I need something reasonably affordable to keep me warm at the show. The woman who waited on me (I now, know as Kim) dropped everything she was doing, as I was running around like a loon; & I finally found a “short” zip up jacket myself for $79.00 & thought, “this will do”. BUT, Kim came around the corner & said WAIT, come here & try this on; Kim put me in a beautiful long crocheted white LONG “duster” for $69. WOW in front of the mirror, along with my already white dress I looked like a Princess rather than a “tennis player” LOLWith that service I assume she was the owner, but no, my husband & I visited again on 7/14/23 and AGAIN 1 of the only shops open in Westerly @ 8pm on a beautiful summer FRIDAY evening they were OPEN, even though tons of people were “window shopping” elsewhere, Christinas had a fair share of at least 8 woman in their shop “buying”. I bought more items bath oil & a vase. HEADS UP rest of Westerly businesses, when tons of people are still walking around weekend evenings & a but lightheaded from beer & wine, selling them your wares is a VERY GOOD IDEA…just sayin’ ?”

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“I had such a notable experience at Coppolas that I felt I had to write a review! The salesman, Michael, was extremely helpful and fun to work with. He set up dressing rooms for us as we pulled all sorts of amazing outfits to try on. He even pulled a few pieces he thought we would like, and made helpful suggestions about tailoring and accessorizing. If you are into 60s and 70s looks, bohemian dresses, and/or statement jewelry (like these earrings) you will love Coppolas!”

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“The store had so many beautiful choices of gorgeous dresses. Kate was incredibly helpful. Her skills and expertise helped me in picking the perfect dress for my daughter’s wedding. I would definitely recommend the store, Isoude, to anyone looking for a special dress for any occasion.”

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“Great store with a fine selection of items. Picked up some Olukai flip flops from Lauren who is such a pleasant and kind salesperson. Appreciate the great service. ?”

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“The store has something for everyone and great staff. Kids love the hermit crabs and the staff provide lots of info for proper care. Rental guys are awesome and know what they’re doing. Great time!”

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“I love the shirts from here. Every time we come to Watch hill (once or twice a year) we stop in and get a shirt or two. Love the style, they are super comfortable, and during the pandemic I have been wearing these shirts in the warm months for work and casual. The owner and his staff are all very pleasant and helpful.”

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“5 out of 5. This was my first visit to Watch Hill [end of May] & it was just gorgeous. As soon as I walked into Rochelle's I immediately spotted the Ultra Soft Sweatshirts/ Sweaters & I started a collection ;). The ladies working in the store were so kind & enjoyed my enthusiasm & said, "Yes! these are flying off the shelves!" It was one of those moments where you just wanted one of everything - a very rare feeling for me, as I am picky about how clothes feel. Needless to say I made two visits to the shop & all summer I have been enjoying the sweatshirts I picked out & remembering the two magical days I spent in WH. I don't know when I'll be back [live in VA], but I don't regret for one moment all the beautiful purchases I came home with!! Your ladies are the Sweetest & I really hope to visit again in the fall. Thank you for the joy you have given me this year!”

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“Great selection of clothing! Tammy, the owner, is very knowledgeable and helps coordinate outfits. Overall a fun place to shop at very reasonable prices. Always find great items there. Fun day if your going to the beach and shopping”

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“This store is so cute ! Every time I go in there I have to buy something. Service is excellent, truly have nothing bad to say ! Definitely check it out if your in the area !”

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“I'm a fan girl of Seaport Studio for every of their 37 years! Summer isn't complete without this inventive, charming experience. I love to treat myself to their famous beach skirts.”

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