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“Excellent selection of some hard to find wines if you want a pleasant surprise! I felt that despite their quantity of available offerings, the quality was more than even I could imagine.”

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“My husband is from Texas and loves TX bourbon. He has a hard time finding it in a lot of the liquor stores, they usually have the TX whiskey, but not the bourbon. I stopped in to Forsberg's just to see if they had it. The gentleman working. There was extremely helpful and nice. I was able to score a bottle of TX bourbon for my husband. Now we know where to find this.”

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“I emailed Justin and told him I was having two events and needed about 4 cases of wine. He sent me back 3 options for sparkling, red, and white, all in the budget provided. I picked them and they delivered them the next day. Guest raved about the wines and they were all perfect. Highly recommend!”

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“The avocado toast with the bacon jam is to die for even if your full.. you want to finish it all. The pancakes in the breakfast townie bowl were so good too.. you don’t even need syrup.”

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“Good place and can see the location very well limited parking didn't know which side to park on until already pulled in. Watch out for drivers when leaving out be careful.”

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“This is such a neat and chill place, very different from some of the swanky places you'll find in town. The atmosphere was great and the food was good. Hit all the right spots.”

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“Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Rob always has a new recipe for me to try.My two favorite are frozen flavored moonshine on ice cream and vanilla whiskey with root beer. Who'd have thought!”

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“They have an amazing selection of wines, champagnes, and liquors. Their prices seem very fair as well. I definitely recommend checking them out. They also sell mini bottles for sampling for just about every liquor they sell.”

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“The convenience/location of Monarch Liquors is well planned. After a long work week on my way I try my best to stop by here. The owner behind the counter is listens and is very friendly. Thank you Monarch for being a wonderful local shop!”

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“Great group of locals and mixed with passers through. Outstanding service made to feel welcome very pro-military and patriotic...these are good people to have a stick with!”

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“Has some really great store picks, and they are reasonably priced. Caleb Gibson isn't an uncaring owner. He supports a couple of charities. He also makes every effort to spread his bourbon through the community and not just secondary markets.”

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“This place is great one review had the owner as rude. I don't know if the lady I meant is the owner but she was super nice. She helped me pick out an offley 2000 vintage port which is great. We talked about maidera and port for over 30 mins. The guy in the wine store was also very nice and helpful. I will be back for that 1987 maidera.”

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“My wife an I, my sister in law and her husband spent some quality time having a cigar and wine. Don was a top notch guy, a true gentleman and a great storyteller. Great place to relax.”

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“Great selection of bourbons, rums, vodkas, cordials and tequilas! Great service at this always busy liquor store. The prices are very reasonable, as well. And the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.”

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“This place seemed to have merged with the Babas on meeting coffee place. Loved the vibes inside, but they also have a small patio. We had a chai latte (hot) and a Iced vanila latte and we enjoyed both. Didnt eat anything. It was so nice to sit inside and relax while its super hot outside.”

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“An overall great distillery with helpful and informative staff and great drinks at the bar. The bourbons and rye are exceptional. The sherry finished bourbon is one of my favorites as is the tawny port flavored rye. The sherry finish bourbon ads some depth without leaving the bourbon overly sweet. The tawny port finish of the rye leads to a very intriguing profile that I don't find in other port finished ryes, which generally use ruby ports. The use of tawny does show through and exemplifies the care the distillery takes to get a distinct and exceptional flavor profile. The highlight for me was the single barrel bourbon which comes in at 116 proof for the bottle I have. It is exceptionally smooth for this proof point and provides ample and exceptional flavor. This is a true showcase of the heritage corn variety used, Jimmy Red, which comes from the local James Island. If this Bourbon was not local with historical significance it would be exceptional and a personal favorite, but the additional context leads me to appreciate it even more. The smoked unaged whiskey is very useful for mixing and the smoked bourbon is unique and a favorite for my friends and family. The gin, branded as 'Hat Trick' is also a go to for mixing in anything from a gimlet to a martini, Singapore Sling to gin and tonic. This distillery is a true destination for whiskey enthusiasts and a very pleasant visit for drinks regardless of whiskey experience.”

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“I love this little store. I have cancer and can't wear a mask, and although I usually have someone else to send out for things, I've been alone for awhile here and had to go out today for the first time on my own to pick up groceries and was hoping to get some Jameson for the evening. Groceries I could order ahead, but not the liquor of course. Totally not essential, but as someone who has been quarantined much longer than the covid stuff, this little luxury means a lot to me, and is one of the small things I can look forward to on occasion to get past the harder days. Since it is not essential, however, I was completely prepared to hear 'no' when I called to ask. I sincerely appreciated (and was greatly delighted) that Cathy was able to accommodate me over the phone and through the glass so I did not have to enter and we did not have to have any contact or violate any ordinances. This gesture of kindness meant so much to me, but is so typical for what I'm used to from these folks. <3 This kind of thing is how we will survive this mess. Thank you for making my day.”

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“Came here for dinner and wine night! They have wine by the glass or you can walk through their wine selection and open a bottle to drink at the table with a $10 uncorking fee. The charcuterie has no minimum of meats or cheese and you can mix and match with whatever you like! This is a nice place to visit for a quick bite or a nice place to eat and catch up with friends!”

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“Charlie's is an awesome corner store with a solid selection of beer, wine, and champagne. Also have lots of snacks and a good selection of travel size toiletries Definitely check it out if you're in town. You won't regret it.”

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“the comment about Debbie is obsolete, as Laurie and David Osbon bought the store several years ago and they and Justin, the store manager, provide the best and most knowledgeable customer service i have ever experienced.”

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“Great selection for a smaller shop. Unique offerings and delightful staff. They even do free tastings of things you wouldn't easily find somewhere else! I will definitely be a regular customer.”

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“J+V has an incredible, hand-picked selection of unique, local, and international wine and spirits! Jason is one of the most knowledgeable wine pros on the East Coast”

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“Gotta have your booze? This is the place for that. great selection and prices, and since you're already next door getting groceries at food Lion, no reason to go anywhere else.”

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“Pretty good for a Thursday. Had bread I wanted. Cashier was being a ditz. I doubt she got my sarcasm when we were done with her calling me terms of endearment. It was 9pm so meh”

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“It's not too good to have many people coming inside the store all drunk and saying to the employees if they "Have a dollar for 2 pints and I buy it from you." No, this isn't a place where you want to see people get drunk and stuff, especially the location which sits in a bad area known by the downtown locals as the "East Side", which is home to many African Americans that have a moderate or low income of work per year. I actually work in the store as a warehouse assistant and you'll see me messing up with my orders, but that's okay! You'll get used to it. I will be learning over the course of the shift!August 30, 2023”

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“The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness and organization of the shop. The fashion in which everything is presented is a reflection on the dedication and respect they have for their craft. It most certainly takes above and beyond effort and time commitment to achieve this. Then it comes down to the product and service. In a few analyzing questions the team was able to put together a great spread for me including meat cheese and of course wine. Undoubtedly these folks have incredible knowledge but they deliver it in an easy to understand manner that does not intimidate their patrons rather invites them along the process. While I was there I witnessed the same care I received with other customers. These people clearly love what they do and they absolutely do it well. I don’t know how many more times I will be in Charleston but rest assured each visit will include going to this shop!”

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“Visited for the first time today , friendly staff and tons of beautiful items , good eats and lovely fragrances … Will def be one of my favorite stores to shop !”

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“This store has recently gone down....its not much to find here the shelves are mostly empty when as before I could go in here and find anything...wouldn't recommend if you looking for anything special or a big bottle”

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“This place has never let me down this the only liquor store I go to because it’s super friendly and I love it there. Emily is the best I never have a problem going in.”

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